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Video: Youngkin Presents a Regressive, Harmful Budget, Which Hopefully VA Senate and House Dems Will Treat Accordingly

As Del. Alfonso Lopez puts it, "Budgets are moral documents"; this one by Youngkin really shows his priorities and values.


See below for video of this morning’s joint meeting of Virginia’s House Appropriations, House Finance, and Senate Finance & Appropriations Committees, as Gov. Glenn Youngkin presented his regressive, harmful budget, and as Democrats’ questions were answered with pretty much no detail or seriousness. Also, see some commentary by VAPLAN/Cindy, Del. Alfonso Lopez, Sen. Adam Ebbin, Del. Don Scott, yours truly, etc. Bottom line: Youngkin’s budget proposal is regressive/harmful, and Democrats in the House and Senate majorities should treat it accordingly!

Bottom line: if Youngkin’s lips are moving, he’s lying

Razor sharp and spot-on as always by soon-to-be-Speaker Don Scott!

Reducing the income tax (which is at least SOMEWHAT progressive) and raising the sales tax (which is regressive) is yet ANOTHER bad idea by Youngkin. House and Senate Dems should tell him where to shove it.

P.S. No, this is NOT “tax relief,” and no journalist should repeat that b.s./right-wing framing.

Democrats need to take this proposed Youngkin budget, throw it in the trash can and start all over again.

This is total bullshit by Youngkin, who has been EXTREMELY partisan, campaigning for far-right candidates, supporting Trump, bashing Democrats constantly, etc. – and harming Virginia in the process.

Sen. Adam Ebbin’s really nailing it this morning – first on Metro funding, now on Youngkin’s regressive tax bulls***.

Youngkin’s entire attitude can be summed up by this: “sneer/laughs”

Fact is, Youngkin’s accomplished essentially nothing as governor, certainly has ZERO to do with Virginia’s strong economy (thanks Democrats/Biden!). But that doesn’t stop Youngkin from dishonestly claiming credit.



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