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Video: Far-Right Rep. Bob Good (R-VA05), Secretly Recorded, Rips Donald Trump on Abortion, Guns, “Baggage” and as Likely Loser to Joe Biden

Back in May, Good endorsed Ron DeSantis, who he views as more of a true conservative than Trump.


Given that Rep. Bob Good (R-VA05) is a christofascist, bigot, far-right extremist, insurrectionist, nutjob, etc., it’s not going to be often that any of us agree with him on anything. That includes Good’s endorsement back in May of the horrendous Ron DeSantis for president. On the other hand, if Good wants to rip the s**t out of Donald Trump, on camera – even if it’s in private, apparently while being secretly recorded – we’ll gladly take it!  See below for just that, as shared by Olivia Beavers of Politico.  By the way, one of the main reasons why Good drew a primary, from also-far-right/insurrectionist John McGuire, is that Good endorsed DeSantis over Trump. Pretty funny to see these fascists fight with each other.

Good: “[Trump] might be the only person that can lose to Joe Biden if he’s the nominee…And you’re asking me privately, I don’t say this in public…Trump blamed pro-lifers for the election loss back in November; Ron DeSantis passes the heartbeat bill in Florida and Trump is saying we gonna need to back off on abortion. Trump did Red Flag laws when he was president and Ron DeSantis has done concealed carry in Florida. I decided to endorse DeSantis in May because I thought, you know what, I can’t sit by and watch and then regret that we nominated Trump and we may well do it. And then…the prosecutions in the courts, I’m fearful as he carries that baggage, because there are some parts of our party who won’t vote for Trump, but as as the convictions, as the charges mount to win, I’m fearful for our ability to win. And I want 8 years.”

Can’t wait for John McGuire’s reaction to this…LOL.


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