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Video: Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA11) Says Trump “poisoning the blood of our country” Rhetoric Is “directly out of the 1930s Nazi playbook…full-bore fascist”

On House GOP's "evidence-free" impeachment effort, Rep. Connolly says, "shame on those so-called moderate Republicans who rationalized their vote" for it


Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA11) nails it regarding Donald Trump claiming that immigrants are “poisoning the blood of our country.”

“It’s directly out of the 1930s Nazi playbook. And I believe he deliberately chose that language. He’s going full-bore fascist. It is despicable. And to listen to Lindsey Graham…equivocate about that…words DO matter, words lead to action and often violent action. That phrase, what he invoked, should be condemned by every Republican of conscience and all of us on the Democratic side as well. It is NOT acceptable language from somebody who was president and seeks to be president.”

And yet, so far at least, we’ve gotten “crickets” – absolute silence – from most Republicans, including Glenn Youngkin and other Virginia Republicans. Why is that and what does it say about them?!?

P.S. On immigration policy, Rep. Connolly said he will “not support a return to Trump-era [immigration] policies that were inhumane.  We want a…secure border, but not at any price….There’s no way this passes without strong Democratic support in the House and the Senate…” And on the House GOP’s bogus impeachment effort, Rep. Connolly said it’s “evidence-free,” “they’ve proved nothing…I say shame on those so-called moderate Republicans who rationalized their vote [for impeachment]…that was a shameless vote to provide political cover with their base.”


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