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Video: UVA’s Larry Sabato on Trump Using “Adolf Hitler’s own words,” Wanting to Be a Dictator, GOP Governors (Hello Glenn Youngkin!) “who haven’t said ONE WORD negative about Donald Trump in public!”


UVA Professor Larry Sabato nails it regarding Donald Trump’s fascistic, Hitler-style remarks about immigrants supposedly “poisoning the blood of the country.”

  • Trump’s “getting worse…getting crazier as election day approaches, or maybe he feels like the walls are closing in”
  • This is not only revolting, to use Adolf Hitler’s own words, practically word for word, but to say the kinds of things that he’s saying about immigrants, it’s not the America way.”
  • The MAGA base loves it, they’re cheering every time he says it, and the rest of the Republican Party is too afraid of Trump to challenge him. But I’ll tell you where it won’t sell, and that’s in a general election…that’s not the image of America that a large majority have.”
  • “Trump has gotten away with it for so long…”
  • Trump knows exactly what he’s doing, he knows what his base loves…and he’s done it over and over. I’m a guy sitting in Charlottesville, and I remember the neo-Nazi riot here in August 2017. Remember after that, Trump said there are fine people on both sides…his dallying with David Duke…his encouragement of the Proud Boys…There’s a method to his madness; it IS madness, but there’s a method to it.”
  • “Presidential candidates’ words matter…they have implications…That’s what’s important about it, he’s saying it, and he’s said it over and over again…You listen to what he says, and he’s going to try to carry through…People need to be aware, it isn’t just rhetoric anymore. And those Republican  Congressmen and Republican governors who haven’t said a word, who haven’t said ONE WORD negative about Donald Trump in public…they are all encouraging him directly or indirectly…What they’ve done is completely irresponsible and it has led to the…resurrection of Donald Trump.”
  • “What [Nikki Haley] said is perfectly obvious and was obvious on January 6th. The sad situation we’re in is that a milquetoast statement like the one Nikki Haley said can get the positive attention it’s getting – it’s SAD!”
  • “I remember…when [Trump] was running the first time in 2016 and even the first half of his term, you had some Republicans and conservatives saying, ‘oh look at these crazy liberals suggesting that Donald Trump won’t leave office on time or that he might pull a coup d’etat.’ Well who turned out to be right? He tried to pull America’s first coup d’etat.  Why is that now that the says, ‘yeah, I’ll be a dictator on day 1’ – and by the way, if you’re a dictator on day 1, you can have the rest of the term as dictator, you may decide you like it on day 1 – why is that people don’t believe that either? Maybe since they were wrong about January 6, they ought to consider that they’re wrong in thinking that Trump won’t try to become truly authoritarian or a dictator.”


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