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Team Biden-Harris Raises More Than $97M in Q4 2023, Historic $117M War Chest

"Team Biden-Harris Raised $235M Since April Launch"


From the Biden/Harris campaign:

Team Biden-Harris Raises More Than $97M in Q4 2023, Historic $117M War Chest

Team Biden-Harris Raised $235M Since April Launch

Raises More Than $97 Million in Q4 

$117 Million in Cash on Hand, Highest Total of Any Democratic Candidate in History

Today, Team Biden-Harris announced that it raised more than $97 million in the fourth quarter of 2023, ending the year with a powerful display of enthusiasm, strength, and historic resources heading into the election year. The team is also reporting a historic $117 million in cash on hand, the highest total amassed by any Democratic candidate in history at this point in the cycle.

Team Biden-Harris’ Q4 haul was driven in large part by the strength of our grassroots support, which continued to grow in Q4.

December was our strongest grassroots fundraising month since launch—breaking the record previously set just one month prior in November.

“This historic haul—proudly powered by strong and growing grassroots enthusiasm—sends a clear message: the Team Biden-Harris coalition knows the stakes of this election and is ready to win this November,” said Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Biden-Harris 2024 Campaign Manager. “Across our coalition, we are seeing early, sustained support that is helping us scale our growing operation across the country and take our message to the communities that will determine this election. Our democracy and hard-fought basic rights and freedoms are on the line in 2024, and these numbers prove that the American people know the stakes and are taking action early to help defeat the extreme MAGA Republican agenda again.”

Last quarter’s strong showing comes after a Q3 haul where Team Biden-Harris posted a larger war chest than the entire GOP field combined, with $91 million cash on hand. In Q2, Team Biden-Harris out-raised Donald Trump by more than 2:1 and Ron DeSantis by more than 3:1. Team Biden-Harris has grown its cash on hand for three consecutive quarters – from $77 million in Q2, to $91 million in Q3, and now $117 million at the end of Q4.

“While most of the Republicans have not yet announced their fundraising numbers, we fully expect to lap them,” said Senior Advisor for Communications TJ Ducklo. “Several times.”

Let’s run through the numbers: 

Team Biden-Harris Grew Its Grassroots Program in Q4:

  • December was our strongest grassroots fundraising month since launch—breaking the record previously set just one month before in November.
  • Since launch, nearly 1 million supporters have made more than 2.3 million contributions, a clear signal that donors are taking consistent action early in our fundraising program.
  • Additionally, we now have more than 130,000 sustaining donors who have committed to donating every month—nearly double the amount at this point in the 2020 cycle.
  • 97% of all our donations in Q4 were under $200 and the average grassroots contribution was $41.88.

Team Biden-Harris’ online fundraising program saw its most effective and consistent quarter since launch:

  • The “Cup of Joe” contest to meet with both President Biden and Vice President Harris is the campaign’s most successful contest to date, raising over $3M. 
  • As the Republican presidential field narrowed, grassroots support and action increased significantly, with debate and Trump counterprogramming content in December raising 3x more than debate content in October. 
  • Biden-Harris 2024’s email list is the largest ever for a Democratic presidential candidate and our active subscriber base increased by 15% from the beginning of Q3 to the end of Q4.

Today’s strong numbers reflect efforts across the campaign, DNC, and its joint fundraising committees: 

  • One-third of the donor universe are new donors since our 2020 campaign.
  • More than 520,000 donors made over 926,000 contributions in Q4 across all entities. 
  • Donors hailed from all 50 states and all walks of life, with teachers and nurses as some of the most common occupations among donors.  
  • Team Biden-Harris held 110 fundraisers since launch, including 39 this quarter.

“As Republicans burn through millions of dollars in their race to out-MAGA each other, grassroots supporters across the country are pitching in to reelect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and stop MAGA extremism in its tracks. This historic haul—powered by grassroots donors— makes it clear that voters understand the stakes of this election and they’re ready to stand up and fight for our democracy and freedoms,” said DNC Chair Jaime Harrison. “The Biden-Harris campaign and the DNC are working as one team with a single mission: to build a winning campaign that has the resources to send Joe Biden and Kamala Harris back to the White House, and elect Democrats up and down the ballot.”

President Biden’s 2020 campaign raised over $1 billion, the most money of any presidential campaign in history, which included $700 million online driven by small dollar donations – also the most in history. With President Biden at the top of the ticket, ActBlue saw over 133 million separate donations in the 2020 cycle with 71% being first-time donors. 


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