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Video: On CNN, Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07) Says Trump Already “did the unthinkable”; That if Trump’s “threats are ever realized under a future…presidency, every other discussion…becomes secondary”

Spanberger also rips Republican politicians for "whitewashing" the "extraordinarly well-documented" 1/6/21 insurrection


This morning on CNN, Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07) had some interesting things to say on several topics. Seem below for video and a few highlights, including:

  • “...the accomplishments of this president, of his presidency, are things that at times are unknown to voters: the most comprehensive investment in our infrastructure, in our efforts to be competitive against China in bringing manufacturing of chips and semiconductors home, in ensuring that our veterans the care that they have earned through their service because of the exposures they suffered in service to our country, as just a small sampling of so much of the work that we have done…and spent to the president’s desk.”
  • “But I don’t think it’s mutually exclusive – focusing on the economy, focusing on the threats to our rights as women, focusing on what matters most to an individual voter as they sit at their kitchen table is not mutually exclusive from recognizing that Donald Trump is a threat to our democracy. Here is a man who did the unthinkable; he did not concede an election, he did not willingly submit to the peaceful transition of power. And in fact he’s made jokes about being a dictator, at least for one day. So the threats to our democratic republic are real, and if those threats are ever realized under a future Trump presidency, every other discussion – about our economy, about our freedoms – becomes secondary.”
  • “It is a very dangerous rewriting of history, frankly, in part because some of those who have the strongest voice with these voters, Republican elected members of Congress, have walked away from the truth that they know….In the immediacy, after the attack on the Capitol…we saw person after person after person blaming [Trump], recognizing his culpability. And as time went on, they stopped conveying that message, and they themselves have done some of the whitewashing of this actual historical event that is extraordinarly well-documented, including their original comments. And so they are not showing leadership…people who listen to them are also shifting with that…revision to a very true factual event.”
  • It was not “appropriate” for Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin not to be more transparent about his hospitalization.
  • “Israel was horribly attacked by terrorists in October; the murder of civilians in their homes, the sexual assault, the abuse of civilians…is unthinkably horrible and must be called exactly what it was – a horrific terrorist attack. And Israel as a country has the right to go after those who perpetrated the attack in order to keep their citizens safe into the future. That is indisputable for me There are also Palestinian civilians on the ground in Gaza, and we have seen enormous suffering…Going after terrorists is about yes, going after the fighters, it’s also about going after the ideology.  And we have seen Israel taking an aggressive stance to go after those who perpetrated the attack, but we have to see more from them strategically about how they are going after the ideology. And part of going after the ideology is ensuring that civilians and people who are vulnerable – vulnerable and victims of a terrorist organization living amidst them –  that those individuals are not suffering unduly, that they have access to food and water and basic humanitarian necessities.”

UPDATE: On MSNBC, Rep. Spanberger said the following:

  • “…Democrats time and time again have stepped forward when it was necessary to ensure the proper function of government. That means voting for the rules to get bills to the floor, voting for bipartisan bills in order to avoid a debt crisis, in order to avoid a government shutdown and to do the business of the people, which is to fund…the government. So my expectation is as long as Speaker Johnson brings this bill to the floor, it will pass, and it will likely as has been the case in prior continuing resolutions and in prior efforts to avoid catastrophe – the vast majority or at least the majority of those votes will likely come from Democrats.”
  • “[Trump’s] use of the words hostages is despicable, always and every day, but while there continue to be Israeli and U.S. citizen hostages, people who are held captive by a terrorist organization abducted from their homes, abducted from a music concert…the former president is using that same word…to describe people who have gone through the legal process, people who have been indicted, people who have been charged, many of whom have pled guilty to the crimes of which they were convicted, it is absolutely just a despicable use of vocabulary…to me, it’s inexcusable, among all the other things that the former president does.”


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