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Video: Virginia Parents, Advocates, Elected Officials Call for Lawmakers to Advance Family-Focused Tax Policy

Youngkin's plan, in contrast, would increase taxes on lower-income Virginians while giving a big tax break to the rich.


See below for a press release and video from The Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis, Freedom Virginia and Voices for Virginia’s Children. Key point: under Gov. Youngkin’s regressive tax proposal:

“families in the bottom 20% of incomes, those making less than $30,000 a year, would see an average tax increase of $44 while the top 1%, those making over $763,000, would see an average tax cut of $9,640. Advocates say the governor’s proposal doubles down on Virginia’s already upside-down tax code, in which families with lower incomes pay a greater share of their income in state and local taxes than those with the highest incomes.”

Bottom line: this “voodoo-economics/”trickle-down” crap needs to be Dead on Arrival in the Democratic-controlled Virginia House of Delegates and State Senate. Instead, the Virginia tax code should be structured so that we raise the revenues we need to fund education, healthcare, etc, etc., in a PROGRESSIVE manner, namely that those who CAN pay more DO pay more. No-brainer, right? Not for Youngkin et al, sad to say, who have things ass-backwards as usual.



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