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Casa in Action Launches “Let’s Vote Virginia” Non-Partisan Program to Boost Latino And Black Voters Turnout in Virginia Primary Election


From Casa in Action:

Casa in Action Launches Non-Partisan Program to Boost Latino And Black Voters Turnout in Virginia Primary Election
“Let’s Vote Virginia” Initiative to Empower and Educate Communities on Civic Engagement

Woodbridge, VA – Casa in Action, a leading advocacy organization, announces the launch of a groundbreaking eight-week Non-Partisan program in Virginia aimed at increasing voter turnout among Latino and Black communities during the upcoming 2024 elections. The program will run from February 7 to April 5, specifically focusing on engaging low-propensity voters in Prince William County and educating citizens to exercise their right to vote in upcoming elections.

Marvin Hernandez, Voter Engagement Deputy Director at CASA in Action and Virginia Program lead, stated, “Casa in Action in Virginia will run an eight-week Non-Partisan program to encourage low propensity Black and Latino voters in Prince William county to request a mail-in ballot and vote at their earliest convenience during the upcoming 2024 elections. Voters will receive information and support from our team to request their mail-in ballot during their one-on-one conversations at the voters’ homes.”

The initiative aims to address the historically low turnout among Black and Latino voters by providing personalized assistance to residents in Prince William County, fostering a deeper connection between voters and the democratic process. Through one-on-one interactions, the Casa in Action team of canvassers will educate voters on the importance of participating in the upcoming elections and guide them through the process of requesting a mail-in ballot, updating their voter registration if needed, and informing them about the 2024 elections’ deadlines.

“It is important to vote because voting is a civic engagement that allows us to elect the right candidate for our communities. As an immigrant and a citizen, I understand that voting is my right and duty. As a canvasser, I acknowledge the importance of helping eligible voters register to vote and raising awareness for early voting. This is a crucial process that will shape their future. We want to choose people that care for all people, no matter where they come from.” expressed Virginia Chavez, a Canvasser for CASA in Action Non-Partisan program.

Casa in Action has a strong track record of effective community engagement and voter mobilization efforts in states where it is present. The organization is committed to ensuring that all eligible voters have the information and resources needed to exercise their right to vote.

“We recognize the critical role that Prince William County plays in shaping the political landscape of Virginia. By focusing on increasing voter turnout among Black and Latino communities, we aim to amplify the diverse voices that make up our democracy,” added Hernandez.

To facilitate a seamless voting process, CASA in Action offers a centralized hub at https://casainaction.org/letsvotevirginia/, where voters can access essential information, check their voter registration status, and find details about key election dates. Citizens are urged to mark their calendars and take advantage of each deadline, including voter registration, absentee ballot requests, and early voting opportunities. Every eligible voter has the power to shape the future of the state of Virginia, and CASA in Action’s Non-Partisan program aims to make exercising that power accessible and straightforward.


By mobilizing Black, Latine, Afro-descendent, Indigenous, and Immigrant voters, CASA in Action and its 155,000 members play a powerful role in electing progressive change leaders who can produce the justice our members seek nationwide. CASA in Action endorses candidates that advance its membership’s priorities and facilitates greater engagement of Latinos and voters of color in elections.


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