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“Hey @GlennYoungkin, did you miss what your party’s likely presidential nominee just said about Russia & NATO?”

"Exactly what we expect - from both of them"


See below for a few reactions to Youngkin’s appalling, unhinged, disgraceful, false smear of Democrats yesterday. How on earth can Virginia Democrats work with someone like this? Also, note that Youngkin made his insane claims about Democrats on the same day that the leader of his party (and somebody who Youngkin has lavishly praised MANY times), Donald Trump, made crystal clear that he is a puppet of Putin’s, disparages America constantly, wants to destroy our democracy, would dismantle NATO and abandon our closest allies, etc.

P.S. By the way, do the WaPo’s Virginia political “reporters” – and others in Virginia – plan to completely ignore Youngkin’s unhinged comments or what?

(“Taking shots” would be one thing – it’s politics, after all, not beanbag – but this is completely insane, irresponsible, unhinged language by Youngkin.)


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