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Three Main Instances Where E-Bike Manufacturers Can Be Held Liable



Three Main Instances Where E-Bike Manufacturers Can Be Held Liable

Getting involved in an e-bike crash with a vehicle can be devastating, not to mention financially debilitating. In most cases, the motorist gets away unscathed or with minor injuries, while the e-bike rider battles more serious injuries. The only way to recover is to receive some sort of compensation from the driver, especially if the accident is their fault.

However, there are cases where the driver is not the one at fault; the e-bike manufacturer is. Personal injury law in New York allows victims to pursue a claim against an e-bike manufacturer, provided you can prove liability on their part. Here are three major scenarios where you can sue the manufacturer of your e-bike for the accident that caused your injuries.

Scenario 1: When the Vehicle is Poorly Designed

Sometimes, the accident was not because of something you or the other driver did or did not do. Sometimes, accidents occur because the vehicle manufacturer designed it poorly or did not use the right manufacturing materials. E-bike brands are not all the same, which is why doing your research before buying an electronic bicycle is essential.

If, after getting an expert to examine the accident scene, they discover that the cause of the accident was the design, You can file a personal injury claim against the manufacturer for endangering your life and the lives of those around you. However, you need solid proof that the vehicle was poorly designed and that the design flaws caused the accident.

Scenario 2: The Manufacturing Process Was Flawed

You can also sue an e-bike manufacturer for an e-bike accident in New York if there are defects in the manufacturing process. Naturally, a flaw in the manufacturing process of an e-bike can result in a defective vehicle – even potentially dangerous.

Since consumers do not know anything about e-bikes and can only rely on the words of the manufacturers. It is on the manufacturer to ensure the bikes are safe to be used on the road – for everyone. If they are negligent in this regard, whatever tragic accident occurs due to these flaws will be on them.

Scenario 3: The Manufacturer Did Not Notify You of Product Flaws

Mistakes are not uncommon in manufacturing, and it is possible that a manufacturer discovered the mistakes after the products have been made public. However, when that happens, New York’s law constrains the manufacturer to inform their customers of the flaws and recall the products if necessary. If the manufacturer fails to do these and someone gets hurt, they will be held liable for the accident.

Therefore, if an e-bike manufacturer fails to inform their consumers of a known defect with the e-bike or its components. Tragic accidents can occur, leaving riders with serious injuries and even death.

Failure to fulfill this legal obligation means the e-bike manufacturer will be fully held accountable for whatever happens. In other words, you can sue your e-bike manufacturer for the accident and lay a claim for compensation.


If you were involved in an e-bike accident in New York and believe it was because of a flaw in your e-bike. “You can file a lawsuit against the e-bike manufacturer and get compensation for your losses, provided you have proof that the accident happened because of the flaw,” says Attorney Neal Goldstein of Goldstein & Bashner.

A New York personal injury attorney can help you obtain solid proof and build a strong personal injury case for you. However, you should consult a lawyer with extensive experience handling e-bike accident cases like yours.




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