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VA State Senate Passes Series of Groundbreaking Gun Violence Prevention Bills.

Democrats support the bills, Republicans oppose them; what will Youngkin do?


From the VA Senate Democratic Caucus:

Senate Passes Gun Safety Legislation 

RICHMOND, VA- Today, the Virginia Senate made a decisive move towards enhancing public safety by passing a series of groundbreaking gun safety bills. Spearheaded by dedicated Democratic Senators, these bills represent a significant step forward in our ongoing battle against gun violence.

The legislation, including SB 99 & SB 100 by Senator Adam Ebbin (D-39)  focuses on enhancing background checks and restricting gun access to high-risk individuals reinforcing the state’s commitment to preventing gun violence before it occurs.

SB 210 by Senator Russet Perry (D-31) aims to prohibit the manufacture, importation, sale, possession, transfer, or transportation of auto sears in Virginia, devices that can convert a firearm to shoot automatically. Violations of this prohibition are punishable as a Class 6 felony.

SB 273 by Suhas Subramanyam (D-32) seeks to mandate a five-day waiting period for firearm purchases in Virginia, requiring that this period elapse from the time a prospective buyer completes a consent form for a criminal background check.

SB 363 by Senator Adam Ebbin focuses on strengthening the enforcement by introducing a Class 1 misdemeanor charge for anyone who knowingly possesses a firearm with a removed, altered, or obliterated serial number, excluding antique firearms. It also establishes a Class 6 felony for knowingly selling, giving, or distributing such firearms, reinforcing penalties to curb firearm tampering and trafficking.

SB 522 by Senator Williams-Graves (D-21) requires that individuals purchasing firearms in Virginia demonstrate competence with a firearm or complete a firearms safety or training course within the past five years. This legislation aims to ensure that firearm purchasers possess the necessary knowledge and skills for safe handling and operation. The Democratic-led efforts advanced from the  Senate Floor with a 21-19 vote, underscoring the commitment of Senate Democrats to protect our communities. The Senate Democrats released the following statement:

“In light of the persistent tragedies inflicted by gun violence, these legislative measures are a testament to the Virginia Senate Democrats’ resolve to confront and curtail this epidemic. Every action we take is in pursuit of peace and safety for all Virginians, Senate Democrats are committed to continuing to build on our success, and fiercely resisting the gun industry’s efforts to flood our communities with deadly weapons. As we face the challenge of gun violence, these bills represent our dedication to creating a safer future for all Virginians.”



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