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Video: On “Squawk Box” and “Morning Joe,” Sen. Mark Warner Pushes Hard for Senate Bill on Ukraine Funding, Border Security, etc.

Warner says border bill has "all the things that Donald Trump asked for in 2018."


See below for video of Sen. Mark Warner this morning on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” and (when it’s available) MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” shows, discussing the newly unveiled US Senate bill on immigration, Ukraine funding, etc. According to Sen. Warner:

  • “Well first of all, let’s look at the pieces of this. In this is what I’ve been fighting for, literally for months on end, and that is aid to Ukraine. Is this country going to go ahead and honor its commitment, or should no country in the world ever trust us again if we turn down the Ukrainians at this point?”
  • “Took a long time, but this is the most significant border policy change in decades…All the things that Donald Trump asked for in 2018. All the things my Republican friends asked for earlier in the year.”
  • “Now that it’s out, you can actually read the bill, and you can see that what it is, is it makes sure there’s more processing so folks can actually get sent back. Remarkable thing was, about 95% of the people who were coming through on the asylum program got caught at the border, processed, released in for a couple years, and then that’s called ‘catch and release’.  Now that is ended, but you’re going to need more folks, you’re going to need more beds at the border to send people back…the border’s a mess…We can either carp about it or make a policy change…Every Republican senator who is complaining about this deal has said repeatedly, you’ve got to change the law. Donald Trump said, you’ve got to change the law. We’re now giving what is needed – a significant change in the law…combined with stepping up for Ukraine…stepping up for Israel and humanitarian aid in the region. And the question is going to be, folks who’ve asked for this, are they going to take the deal…[or punt for political reasons]?…I have not heard a single Democratic elected official EVER say, let’s just open the borders…There are business groups who’ve said that, but it’s not the premise of the Democratic Party.”
  • “This connection between Trump and Putin is pretty remarkable. Donald Trump, one thing about him is he’s an equal opportunity offender – he abuses everyone domestically or on the world stage. The one guy he’s never said a bad word about – Vladimir Putin.”


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