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Victory for Reproductive Freedom: Virginia General Assembly Passes Sweeping Reproductive Freedom Legislation 


From Repro Rising Virginia:

Victory for Reproductive Freedom: Virginia General Assembly Passes Sweeping Reproductive Freedom Legislation
Richmond, VA – The Virginia General Assembly has taken a significant step in safeguarding abortion patients and providers by advancing a series of Reproductive Freedom bills that demonstrate the Commonwealth’s commitment to protecting reproductive heath care access. Legislation that passed third reading on the floor in either chamber will now “cross-over” to be heard and passed a second time in the opposite chamber, before being sent to the Governor.
The following bills are headed into crossover, bringing them one step closer to Governor Youngkin’s desk:
“Protect Virginia’s Health Workers Board of Medicine” bill (SB716 & HB519)
 Patroned by Senator Jennifer Caroll Foy and Delegate Candi Mundon King this crucial legislation prohibits the Board of Medicine from taking arbitrary disciplinary actions against medical professionals who provide legal abortion care to out-of-state patients.  As the landscape of reproductive healthcare evolves in the wake of a post-Roe reality, Virginia has emerged as a vital access point for abortion care in a region where other states have restricted these essential services for millions of people seeking care.
Contraceptive Equity Act (SB238 & HB2089) 
The bill expands access to contraceptive care by requiring insurers, corporations, and health maintenance organizations to offer expansive coverage for contraceptive drugs and devices, without cost-sharing or other medically unnecessary roadblocks.
 Menstrual Data Privacy- (SB16 & HB78) 
Prohibits search warrants or subpoenas from being issued for menstrual data that is stored on third-party apps and other digital networks and devices used to track period health.
Extradition Prohibition, Reproductive Health Services- (SB16 & HB1539) 

Establishes protections for patients who come to Virginia to receive reproductive healthcare services that are legal in Virginia from being extradited and criminalized by another state where these services may be banned.

“In a post-Roe world, where our federal right to abortion has been stripped away, it is more crucial than ever to safeguard abortion access and bodily autonomy, and to protect our indefatigable providers,” states Tarina Keene, Executive Director of REPRO Rising Virginia. “Abortion is legal and accessible in Virginia, and anyone who comes to the Commonwealth seeking care or any provider who provides that care within our borders should be protected from unwarranted attacks. Each person deserves the ability to navigate their unique healthcare journey with dignity, respect, and the full protection of their rights. Reproductive Freedom is the cornerstone of bodily autonomy, equality, and justice. Virginians have spoken time again that they support abortion rights and access and do not want politicians interfering in their personal medical decisions. Elected officials would be wise to heed their demands.”
“Each of us should have the power to make decisions about our own bodies and reproductive lives, without interference or targeted criminalization.  We applaud leaders in the General Assembly who are being proactive and to advance legislation that protects patients and providers and expands our communities’ access to a range of reproductive healthcare services,” says Lexi White, Policy Director of REPRO Rising Virginia.  
REPRO Rising Virginia works to ensure real, reliable, affordable, and timely access to abortion, contraception, and other reproductive health services for every person in Virginia. Through policy, elections, and our advocacy programs, we fight for every Virginian’s right to Reproductive Freedom. 

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