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Virginia Democrats React to the Murder of Alexei Navalny by Putin’s Regime. As for Virginia Republicans, So Far the Reaction Has Been Mostly “Crickets.”


See below for some reactions from Virginia elected officials – almost all Democrats – to the death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny in prison. Actually, let’s rephrase that as the MURDER of Navalny by Vladimir Putin’s regime, which jailed and  previously tried to poison Navalny for having the courage to stand up to Putin’s corrupt dictatorship.

And yes, the leader of the Republican Party, Donald Trump, is a huge fanboy of Putin’s, as are many other right wingers, such as Tucker Carlson (who spent days in Moscow churning out pro-Russian propaganda, then conducting a softball “interview” of the war criminal himself), while numerous Republicans in the U.S. House are – as we speak – appallingly blocking crucial aid to Ukraine, a democracy which was brutally invaded by Putin’s Russia and which has been subject to untold numbers of war crimes, enormous damage, etc.

By the way, given that last point about Trump being a puppet/fan of Putin’s, perhaps it’s not surprising that Virginia Republicans like Rep. Bob Good (R-VA05), Rep. Ben Cline (R-VA06), Rep. Rob Wittman (R-VA01), Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA09) and Gov. Glenn Youngkin (who is selectively “outraged” only when he thinks it’s politically advantageous for him, while remanining silent when he doesn’t think it will help him) haven’t uttered a peep this morning, following the news of Navalny’s murder…



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