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Ahead of Super Tuesday, DNC Mobile Billboard Campaign in Richmond Calls Out Trump’s Plan to Deny Health Care Coverage from Millions

Trump is holding a rally at the Greater Richmond Convention Center 6 pm Saturday


From the DNC:

As Donald Trump heads to North Carolina and Virginia, the DNC is deploying a mobile billboard campaign in both states to remind voters that Trump’s extreme MAGA health care agenda would rip away coverage from millions of Americans, ban abortion nationwide, and threaten access to IVF for Americans trying to grow their family.

If Trump gets a chance to “terminate” the Affordable Care Act like he’s promised, up to 600,000 North Carolinians and 725,000 Virginians covered under Medicaid expansion could lose access to affordable health care. And his cruel anti-choice agenda could take away basic rights from millions of Americans across the country, threatening everything from abortion to IVF.

With North Carolinians, Virginians, and many more headed to the polls on Super Tuesday, we’re reminding voters that they have a clear choice in November on what the future of their health care looks like – and what basic freedoms could be at risk under Trump.

Please find the DNC statement and the billboard campaign for your coverage below:

DNC Rapid Response Director Alex Floyd released the following statement: 

“Donald Trump is bad for your health. His extreme MAGA agenda includes ripping away health care coverage from millions, siding with greedy insurance companies over hardworking families, banning abortion nationwide, and taking away parents’ ability to grow their families with IVF. While Trump is pushing the same failed and disastrous agenda that lost him the last election, President Biden is expanding access to affordable care, taking on Big Pharma and lowering drug prices, and defending reproductive freedom. The future of health care in America is on the ballot this November, and the choice couldn’t be more clear. While Republicans try to rip away our freedoms, Democrats are fighting to safeguard Americans’ basic rights and protect access to affordable health care for millions.”


Find details below for your coverage:

  • Then, the mobile billboard truck will run in Richmond, Virginia from 5 to 8 p.m. EST at the route [above].

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