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Audio: Biden-Harris 2024 Press Call Ahead of SCOTUS Mifepristone Hearing

Also, Biden campaign on Trump's press conference: "Trump is weak and desperate – both as a man and a candidate for President."


From President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign:

LISTEN: Biden-Harris 2024 Press Call Ahead of SCOTUS Mifepristone Hearing

This morning, Biden-Harris 2024 National Advisory Board Member Senator Elizabeth Warren, Campaign Manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez, and Reproductive Freedom for All President Mini Timmaraju hosted a press call to lay out what’s at stake for reproductive freedom ahead of the 2024 election as the Supreme Court prepares to hear a case that threatens to strip access to medication abortion everywhere in the country. The panelists had a simple message: the latest challenge to mifepristone is a part of a broader assault by Trump and MAGA Republicans to ban abortion nationwide and strip Americans of their freedoms.


Read highlights from the press call below:

“Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans are prepared to use every tool in their toolbox to control women’s bodies – banning abortion nationwide, ending access to IVF, and even attacking contraception access. We’ve seen what happens when Donald Trump and extremists get their way: 10-year old rape survivors are forced to travel across state lines for care. Mothers, hoping for a baby, heartbroken when the pregnancy goes wrong, turned away from the emergency room and forced to wait until they are at the brink of death while doctors are barred from helping. Families, who have been wanting and praying that IVF can help them have a baby, saw Republicans in Congress block a bill to protect IVF.” said Biden-Harris 2024 National Advisory Board Member Senator Elizabeth Warren. “President Biden and Vice President Harris are fighting to restore the protections of Roe so that people in every state can have access to abortion. They are fighting to expand reproductive care including medication abortion and birth control. They are fighting alongside the overwhelming majority of Americans who believe that government and extremists should stay out of reproductive health care decisions. Make no mistake, abortion is on the ballot in 2024.”

“Regardless of the outcome, it’s really clear that MAGA Republicans led by Donald Trump are marching our nation towards a full on national abortion ban. They never intended to stop after overturning Roe v. Wade. In the time since the Supreme Court has handed down its decision in Dobbs, more than 20 states have enacted abortion bans thanks to Republican extremists and now this case could further decimate abortion access across all 50 states” said Reproductive Freedom for All President Mini Timmaraju. “The bottom line is this: President Biden and Vice President Harris are the only candidates who will protect abortion rights and access. They are fighting to restore the federal right to abortion. And over the last four years, they’ve stepped up to the plate time and again to protect and expand reproductive freedom.”

“Trump’s extreme agenda has already had devastating effects across the country: Women’s lives are put at risk every day, doctors are being threatened with prosecution and jail time for doing their jobs, and abortion bans have been enacted with no exceptions for rape or incest. As Trump runs for a second term, he and his allies are telling us exactly what they will do to go even further. Over the last several months, Trump’s close advisors and allies have publicly released a comprehensive strategy to rip away access to reproductive health care, including banning medication abortion and restricting access to contraception, without the help of Congress,” said Biden-Harris 2024 Campaign Manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez. “The President and Vice President are the only candidates who believe that reproductive health care decisions belong to women and their doctors – not politicians or the government. These are the stakes in 2024 and we’re going to continue to make sure that every single voter knows it.”


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