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Biden-Harris 2024 Response to Another Trump “Interview” on Fox

"Here are the facts: Under Trump, crime SKYROCKETED while crime rates have come down under President Biden."


From the Biden-Harris campaign:

Biden-Harris 2024 Response to Another Trump “Interview” on Fox

In response to yet another hard-hitting “interview” by Sean Hannity of Donald Trump on Fox News, Biden-Harris 2024 Communications Director Michael Tyler released the following statement:

“Nothing new. No solutions. Still racist.

“Still the guy who killed the bipartisan deal that would’ve actually secured the border. Also, violent crime was worse when he was president — and he’s clearly in his feelings about it.

“Oh by the way, still the guy banning abortion.”

Here are the facts:

Under Trump, crime SKYROCKETED while crime rates have come down under President Biden.

Associated Press: “FBI: 2020 homicides up nearly 30%, largest 1-year jump ever’

NBC News: “Crime in almost every category went down across U.S. in 2023, FBI reports”

Synthetic opioid overdose deaths soared under Trump’s leadership.

Forbes: “Overdose deaths from synthetic opioids soared during the time Donald Trump was president, raising questions about efforts to blame the Biden administration’s border policies for drug overdose deaths.”

Forbes: “Between 2016 and 2020, annual drug overdose deaths from synthetic opioids (excluding methadone) increased by 192% (from 19,500 to 56,894), according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The average annual growth rate of drug overdose deaths from synthetic opioids was 31% while Donald Trump was president. Between 2019 and 2020, the last year of Trump’s presidency, the increase in drug overdose deaths from synthetic opioids was 55%.”

Fact checkers repeatedly debunked Republicans’ lies blaming President Biden’s border policies for fentanyl trafficking and overdose deaths.

PolitiFact: “Are Biden’s border policies to blame for fentanyl deaths? Experts say no”

FactCheck.org: “More important, if stopping large amounts of fentanyl from being distributed to Americans is indicative of a ‘crisis’ at the southwest border, as those tweets imply, it’s a problem that Biden largely inherited from his predecessor.”

Trump and his allies have horrifying plans for America’s immigration system if he’s reelected: family separation, detention camps, mass deportations, and ending birthright citizenship.

Semafor: “‘When you hear that you’re going to be separated from your family you don’t come,’ Trump said. ‘When you think you’re going to come into the United States with your family, you come.’”

Trump Spokesperson: “Americans can expect that immediately upon President Trump’s return to the Oval Office, he will restore all of his prior policies, implement brand new crackdowns that will send shock waves to all the world’s criminal smugglers, and marshal every federal and state power necessary to institute the largest deportation operation in American history.”

New York Times: “Former President Donald J. Trump is planning an extreme expansion of his first-term crackdown on immigration if he returns to power in 2025 — including preparing to round up undocumented people already in the United States on a vast scale and detain them in sprawling camps while they wait to be expelled. The plans would sharply restrict both legal and illegal immigration in a multitude of ways.

“Mr. Trump wants to revive his first-term border policies, including banning entry by people from certain Muslim-majority nations and reimposing a Covid 19-era policy of refusing asylum claims — though this time he would base that refusal on assertions that migrants carry other infectious diseases like tuberculosis.”

NBC News: “Former President Trump said in a campaign video Tuesday that he would ban birthright citizenship through an executive order if elected president again.”

New York Times: “And Mr. Trump would try to end birthright citizenship for babies born in the United States to undocumented parents — by proclaiming that policy to be the new position of the government and by ordering agencies to cease issuing citizenship-affirming documents like Social Security cards and passports to them. That policy’s legal legitimacy, like nearly all of Mr. Trump’s plans, would be virtually certain to end up before the Supreme Court.”

Donald Trump blew up the bipartisan border deal solely because he thinks it helps his own political prospects.

The Hill: “Trump says ‘blame it on me’ if border bill fails”

CNN: “Trump, who is hoping to make immigration a key plank of his presidential campaign, has suggested on Truth Social that approving additional resources for the border would make Republicans ‘look bad.’”

Vox: “Trump made this clear when he reportedly urged Republicans in Congress to turn against the bipartisan Senate border security bill scheduled for a vote Wednesday so that he could keep the issue alive through the presidential election. His supporters have largely fallen in line.”

The Hill: “Trump on Monday declared on social media that ‘only a fool, or a Radical Left Democrat, would vote for this horrendous Border Bill’ and blasted it as ‘a great gift to the Democrats, and a Death Wish for The Republican Party.’”


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