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Donald Trump’s Extreme Agenda Is a Huge Electoral Problem – And It’s Not Going Away

"CNN exit polling shows Trump losing by 16 points with independent voters in Virginia."


From the Biden campaign:

March 13, 2024

Donald Trump’s Extreme Agenda Is a Huge Electoral Problem – And It’s Not Going Away

Trump was hit particularly hard in the Atlanta suburbs where his extreme agenda is particularly toxic, continuing his trend of losing in the places and with the voters who will decide this election

Donald Trump put up a weak showing in battleground Georgia last night, losing over 77,000 votes to the ghost of Nikki Haley, despite Haley not ever campaigning or running ads in the state. These results show real weakness for Trump in the Republican coalition. Trump looked particularly weak in the Atlanta suburbs, including in DeKalb County where Haley got 40% of the vote, Cobb County where she received 23% of the vote, and Fulton County where she got 38%. As a reminder, President Biden defeated Donald Trump in Georgia by 11,800 votes in 2020.

Trump’s underperformance with swing voters last night comes on the heels of other weak performances for Trump among similar demographics in early primary states:

  • In Michigan, Trump underperformed in suburban areas like Oakland and Washtenaw counties near Detroit, and Ottawa and Kent counties near Grand Rapids.
  • In South Carolina, Haley beat Trump in three suburban and college areas by double digits.
  • In North Carolina, Haley overperformed in Durham, Mecklenburg, Orange, and Wake counties – key suburban areas; that puts the state in play in November.
  • In Virginia, Haley won DC suburbs that are similar to key suburban areas across the battleground states – Fairfax, Alexandria, and Arlington.
  • In Minnesota, Haley overperformed in the Minneapolis suburbs and outright won Denver County in Colorado.
  • NBC News exit polls had Trump losing moderates by 30 points in North Carolina and 38 points in Virginia.
  • CNN exit polling shows Trump losing by 16 points with independent voters in Virginia.

In response to this embarrassment for Donald Trump, Biden-Harris 2024 Communications Director and Atlanta native Michael Tyler released the following statement:

“Trump spent the day Nikki Haley dropped out of the race mocking Haley’s voters. What he doesn’t get is that the joke is on him: Haley’s voters continue to make it crystal clear that Donald Trump is not building a coalition that can win in November. Suburban, moderate, and independent voters are rejecting Trump’s divisive rhetoric and extreme policies. And it’s no surprise – Donald Trump is running on the same extreme MAGA agenda that has cost Republicans election after election: threatening democracy,  overturning Roe, passing a national abortion ban, repealing the Affordable Care Act, and cutting Medicare and Social Security.

“President Biden, on the other hand, is focused on coalition-building and being a president for all Americans. Every day until November the president and our campaign will reach out to all voters who support preserving American democracy, standing up for the rule of law, and treating each other with decency, dignity, and respect.”


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