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“Psychopath” Trump Keeps Crossing Red Line After Red Line, Yet Republicans Like Glenn Youngkin and Jen Kiggans Actually *ENDORSED* Him for *PRESIDENT* Again. So, So SICK!

Also, "Where is the Secret Service? Where is the FBI?"


It’s beyond a doubt that Trump is a dangerous, “oath-breaking insurrectionist,” corrupt scumbag, rapist, racist, as well as a violent sociopath. The latest? Trump posting an image of President Joe Biden “kidnapped and bound with rope in the back of a truck” (I’m not going to share this image, you can look it up if you’re interested).

So, as UVA Professor Larry Sabato asks, “Where is the Secret Service? Where is the FBI?…Some of Trump’s cult are crazy enough to do anything.” Unfortunately, as Virginia attorney James Abrenio writes, despite the fact that Trump is “doing it again,” it’s quite possible that “nothing will be done…again.” To which Professor Sabato replies, “That’s what is extremely frustrating and inexplicable.”

So, at this point, Trump has committed many, many crimes over the decades, even before he tried to steal an election and stay in power through a violent coup attempt in the months after the 2020 presidential election – which he lost BADLY. And what SHOULD happen – in an even semi-functional/semi-sane country, where nobody truly is above the law – is that Trump should have been tried, convicted and thrown in prison back in 2021, along with ALL of his fellow coup plotters, insurrectionists, etc. And ALL of the lawyers who represented Trump in his coup attempt should have been disbarred long ago. And any media outlets which normalized Trump, downplayed his threat to our democracy, etc. should be treated with complete contempt. Unfortunately, we appear to live in a country in which accountability only seems to come to those who don’t have the financial resources – or political power – to avoid it. Which is, of course, NOT how the rule of law is supposed to work. Ugh.

Meanwhile, it’s even worse than all that, as Republicans are mostly “falling in line” behind the criminal sociopath for *PRESIDENT* yet again – a presidency that would be far, FAR worse than Trump’s first presidency, with Trump’s blueprint (“Project 2025“) consisting of a  “whole array of ideas that are designed to let Donald Trump function as a dictator, by completely eviscerating many of the restraints built into our system”; “turn[ing] the DOJ and FBI into instruments of his revenge”‘; eviscerating the professional civil service; etc. In short, as Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA08) accurately states, it’s a “blueprint for a dystopian hellscape.” And yet we see Republicans – including, here in Virginia, Gov. Glenn Youngkin, AG Jason Miyares, Rep. Jen Kiggans, the VA Republican Party, etc. – mostly endorsing this fascistic nightmare…and certainly not denouncing it or leaving the party. Which, again, SHOULD have consequences – VERY negative ones for their future political careers – but…will it? I’m skeptical, but as “Angry Staffer” puts it, “for fucks sake enough is enough.”


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