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Trump’s Litmus Test for Hires: Believing The Big Lie

"Election denying, loyalty pledges, political violence, and ending democracy"


From the Biden/Harris campaign:

March 27, 2024

Trump’s Litmus Test for Hires: Believing The Big Lie

Election denying, loyalty pledges, political violence, and ending democracy

It wasn’t enough for Trump to install two election-denying loyalists as heads of the RNC – new reporting reveals that parroting Trump’s lies that the 2020 election was stolen is a litmus test for getting hired at the RNC.

Donald Trump’s divisive, violent, and dangerous version of America is shaping up to be far worse than when he was president:

  • If you want to work for Trump you have to endorse his 2020 election lies
  • Moderates and independents aren’t MAGA, so the GOP must “rid” and kick them “out” of Trump’s Republican Party, and Nikki Haley supporters are “barred” from his campaign
  • Violent January 6th rioters are “political prisoners” and “hostages”
  • Pardons for those who committed violence on January 6th in support of his 2020 election lies
  • A “bloodbath” if Trump loses reelection
  • Trump as a dictator and calling for the “termination” of the Constitution
  • Anyone who opposes Trump is “vermin

There shouldn’t be any doubt – Donald Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party is complete and there isn’t room for anyone who doesn’t endorse his stolen election lies and accept political violence in his thirsty quest for power.

Biden-Harris Spokesperson Ammar Moussa released the following statement:

“In Donald Trump’s America, elections are only fair when he wins and nothing is off the table to stay in power – including violence like on January 6th and being a dictator on day one. And, now, Donald Trump is demanding fealty to his extreme, anti-democratic beliefs to be part of his Republican Party.

“Americans don’t want his lies, attacks on democracy, calls for violence, or dangerous agenda. America wants to move forward, and so does Joe Biden, to strengthen America instead of tearing it down.”


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