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Virginia House Democratic Caucus Closes Session on Time with Legislation Designed to Move Virginia Forward and a Fiscally Responsible Budget

VA Senate Dems "Celebrate Adjournment with Monumental Budget Victory"


From the VA House Democratic Caucus:

Virginia House Democratic Caucus Closes Session on Time with Legislation Designed to Move Virginia Forward and a Fiscally Responsible Budget

House Democrats Send 711 Bills, Responsible Budget to the Governor’s Desk

RICHMOND, VA – Today, after 60 days, Virginia House of Delegates adjourned sine die — sending 711 bills and a fiscally responsible budget to the Governor’s desk, on time. The budget passed the House with bipartisan support with a 62-37 vote.

Speaker Don Scott said, “I was honored to be elected Speaker, and I’m incredibly proud of the work we have achieved this session. Our constituents sent us here to govern and to govern effectively. We did that, and on time. Some thought that our narrow majority wouldn’t be enough to lead, but we stuck together and reached across the aisle to get essential legislation on the Governor’s desk. We sent him 84 7-day bills, 64 of which have been signed into law. Together we have protected the right to marriage, protected access to reproductive healthcare, protected the right to vote and made our communities safer.”

“I am incredibly proud of the work we’ve done this session,” said House Majority Leader Charniele Herring. “On the first day of Session we stood with our colleagues in the Senate to tell Virginians across the Commonwealth that we heard them loud and clear when they told us that they wanted a Legislature that moves Virginia Forward. I’m excited to say that we’ve accomplished that goal. I want to take a moment to say how proud I am of every single one of the Delegates in our Caucus, especially our freshmen, who showed up everyday to tackle the biggest issues facing our residents and our Commonwealth.”

“This session, House Democrats have shown up for women, we’ve shown up for our children, and we’ve shown up for working families. We’ve got a budget and passed legislation that pays our teachers what they deserve, that allows women to access contraception and decide when they want to start a family, and that raises the minimum wage for hardworking Virginians. That is what the people asked of us last November and that is what we did,” said House Democratic Caucus Chair Kathy Tran.

House Appropriations Chairman Torian said, “This budget represents the priorities of people who have been forgotten for so long. We sought to present a budget that spoke to the needs and concerns for the people of the commonwealth. This is a budget that includes pay raises for people who need them, that improves K-12 education and makes education affordable for people in Virginia.”

The General Assembly will reconvene on April 17th, 2024.


From the VA Senate Democratic Caucus:

Senate Democrats Celebrate Adjournment with Monumental Budget Victory

Richmond, VA — Today marks the conclusion of the Virginia General Assembly’s session, as members adjourned Sine Die, culminating in the bipartisan passage of HB 29& HB30 the 2024-2026 Biennium budget. The budget, a testament to cross-party collaboration, was approved with impressive bipartisan votes of 36–4 and 24–14, respectively. The members of the Virginia Senate Democratic Caucus issued the following statement:

“In November, Virginians delivered our renewed and new Democratic majorities a clear mandate to provide a check on Governor Youngkin’s out-of-step agenda. We began this session articulating our priorities to safeguard women’s reproductive rights, foster safe communities through common-sense gun violence prevention measures, protecting Virginians’ right to vote, building an economy that benefits every Virginian, and guaranteeing our children’s futures with access to a world-class education. This session, we are honored to have not only met but exceeded these expectations.

The enactment of the 2024-2026 Biennium budget marks not just a milestone but the dawn of an unwavering dedication to pivotal matters at heart. We stand in ovation and in support for the exemplary efforts of Chair of the Senate Finance and Appropriations, L. Louise Lucas, whose fierce advocacy has engineered a budget that champions the needs of everyday Virginians—a stark contrast to Governor Youngkin’s proposal, which soley caters to a select elite. This budget is a mirror to the progressive strides Virginians yearn for, placing a spotlight on education rather than tax cuts, thereby channeling significant investments into our youth rather than affording tax relief to the affluent. It underscores our enduring pledge to the health and early development of every Virginian, with substantial investments that broaden healthcare access and fortify early childhood education. This document is more than a budget; it’s a testament to our collective vision for a more equitable and thriving Virginia.

We take pride in having delivered on our promises to the electorate. The Senate Democrats are dedicated to serving all Virginians and pledge to continue governing with accountability and foresight.”



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