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Youngkin Does the Gun Industry’s Bidding, Vetoes a Bunch of Bills That Would Have Made Virginians Safer


MAGA Glenn Youngkin proving yet again that he is NOT a “moderate,” “centrist,” etc. in any way/shape/form. In this case, Youngkin decided to do the gun industry’s bidding and go *against* the wishes of most Virginians by vetoing a bunch of gun violence prevention bills that would have made Virginian safer, including the following.

  • HB2 (Del. Dan Helmer) and SB2 (Sen. Creigh Deeds): “Purchase, sale, transfer, etc., of assault firearms and certain ammunition feeding devices prohibited; penalty”
  • HB454 (Del. Katrina Callsen) and SB383 (Sen. Creigh Deeds): “Carrying a firearm or explosive material within Capitol Square or building owned or leased by the Commonwealth; exemptions; public institutions of higher education; penalty.”
  • HB585 (Del. Candi Mundon King): “Home-based firearms dealers; prohibited near schools; penalties.
  • HB 637 (Del. Rip Sullivan): “Substantial risk orders; training program.”
  • HB 797 (Del. Patrick Hope): “Demonstrated competence for a concealed handgun permit; firearms instructors and safety programs.”
  • HB 799 (Del. Patrick Hope): “Concealed handgun permit applications; fingerprints required by local governments.”
  • SB 258 (Sen. Scott Surovell): “Substantial risk orders; substantial risk factors and considerations.”
  • HB 1195 (Del. Cliff Hayes) & SB 273 (Sen. Suhas Subramanyam): “Purchase of firearms; waiting period; penalty”
  • HB 183 (Del. Marcus Simon) & SB 368 (Sen. Jennifer Boysko): “Storage of firearms in a residence where a minor or person prohibited from possessing a firearm is present; penalty.”
  • HB 1462 (Del. Amy Laufer) & SB 447 (Sen. Dave Marsden): “Firearm in unattended motor vehicle; civil penalty.”
  • HB 318 (Del. Dan Helmer) & SB 491 (Sen. Jennifer Carroll Foy): “Firearm industry members; standards of responsible conduct; civil liability.”
  • HB 939 (Del. Irene Shin): “Elections administration; certain activities or conduct prohibited at polling places applicable to locations for absentee voting in person; prohibited possession of firearm within 100 feet of certain locations.”
  • SB 338 (Sen. Saddam Salim): “Study; JLARC; effects of gun violence on communities; report”
  • HB 175 (Del. Marcus Simon) & SB 99 (Sen. Adam Ebbin): “Carrying assault firearms in public areas prohibited; penalty”
  • HB 1174 (Del. Mark Sickles) & SB 327 (Sen. Saddam Salim): “Purchase of certain firearms; age requirement; penalty.
  • HB 798 (Del. Patrick Hope): “Purchase, possession, or transportation of firearm following an assault and battery or stalking violation; prohibition period; penalty.”
  • HB 466 (Del. Dan Helmer): “Concealed handgun permits; reciprocity with other states”
  • HB 362 (Del. Adele McClure) & SB 642 (Sen. Russet Perry): “Purchase, possession, or transportation of firearm; assault and battery of a family or household member or intimate partner; penalties.”
  • HB 351 (Del. Nadarius Clark): “Firearm locking device required for purchase of a firearm; warning against accessibility to children; penalty.”
  • HB 1386 (Del. Kelly Convirs-Fowler): Firearms; workplace rules of localities.”
  • HB 916 (Del. Kannan Srinivasan): “Substantial Risk Order Reporting System established.”

Governor Glenn Youngkin Acts on 67 Bills, Vetoing 30 That Would Punish Law-Abiding Gun Owners, Violating Their Constitutional Rights

Governor Youngkin Amends 6 Bills and Signs 4 Bills Making It Harder for Criminals to Use Guns in Commission of a Violent Act 

RICHMOND, VA – Governor Glenn Youngkin today announced he was taking final action on 67 pieces of legislation, signing 31 bills into law, offering amendments to 6, and vetoing 30.

“I swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of Virginia, and that absolutely includes protecting the right of law-abiding Virginians to keep and bear arms,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin. “I am pleased to sign four public safety bills which are commonsense reforms with significant bipartisan support from the General Assembly, and offer recommendations to several bills which, if adopted, will make it harder for criminals to use guns in the commission of a violent act.”

The Governor signed the following public safety bills into law:

  • HB 36 & SB 44 – Ensures community safety by preventing parents from willfully allowing a child who poses a credible threat of violence to access a firearm.
  • HB 22 & SB 210 – Prohibits the manufacture, transfer, or possession of an auto sear, an illegal device which converts firearms into an automatic weapon.

The Governor also signed 27 additional bills. The full list of signed bills is available here.

HB 74 HB 85 HB 103 HB 124 HB 522 HB 574 HB 282 HB 586 HB 639 HB 641 HB 719 HB 804 HB 892 HB 1075 HB 1076 HB 1377 HB 1498

SB 5 SB 24 SB 179 SB 213 SB 216 SB 290 SB 554 SB 589 SB 635 SB 644

The Governor amended 6 Bills including:

  • HB 861 & SB 515 Weapons; carrying into hospital that provides mental health services.
  •  Under current law, firearms are banned from public hospitals and private hospitals have the ability to ban firearms. The Governor’s recommendation focuses on criminals who transfer firearms to a person receiving mental health treatment at a hospital.
  • SB 363. Firearm; removing, altering, selling, etc., or possessing w/removed, etc., serial number, penalty.
  • The amendment aligns the bill with federal law and federal definitions for serial numbers.
  • HB 173 and SB 100 Plastic firearms and unfinished frames, etc.; manufacture, import, etc. prohibited, penalties.
  • The amendment establishes a knowledge standard for manufacturing, importing, selling, transferring or possessing any plastic firearm and introduces mandatory minimum sentences for the subsequent use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.
  • SB 225 School bd. policy; parental notification of responsibility of safe storage of firearms in household.
  • The amendment directs the Department of Education to convene a workgroup to create a comprehensive list of the parental rights and responsibilities and develop an efficient method for distributing such list to parents. The Governor previously offered the same recommendation for the HB 498.

The Governor Vetoed 30 Bills Including:

  • HB 2 & SB 2
  • HB 454 & SB 383.
  • HB 585
  • HB 637
  • HB 797
  • HB 799
  • SB 258
  • HB 1195 & SB 273
  • HB 183 & SB 368
  • HB 1462 & SB 447
  • HB 318 & SB 491
  • HB 939
  • SB 338
  • HB 175 & SB 99
  • HB 1174 & SB 327
  • HB 798
  • HB 466
  • HB 362 & SB 642
  • HB 351
  • HB 1386
  • HB 916

The governor’s full veto statements are available here.


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