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Fairfax GOP Goes Even Further Off the Rails, Picks Sebastian Gorka’s Wife as Its New Chair

"Freak show. Fairfax country GOP eating crayons." - former Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA05)


Yeah, this is *definitely* going to be a winning message (and messenger) in moderate, suburban, highly diverse, enormous (nearly one-seventh of Virginia’s entire population) deep-“blue” (Biden beat Trump 69.9%-28.0% in 2020) Fairfax County –  the Fairfax GOP picking far-right-wing Sebastian Gorka’s wife as its new chair. So…sure, go for it, Fairfax GOP – you were already pretty far off the rails, now you’ve gone even further – we’ll see how well your message/messenger works out for you this November! LOL

Seriously, though, as the Arlington Democrats (see below point out, “These are the people calling the shots in today’s Republican Party,” and it’s really, REALLY disturbing (not to mention that this is light years away from your grandparents’ GOP, let alone the “Party of Lincoln”…or of Dwight Eisenhower, Gerald Ford, George HW Bush, etc.). WTF happened to the Republican Party – and why does anyone still support this radicalized, far-right-extremist party?


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