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Trump is Explaining and Losing on Abortion

"Trump has already come out and supported a national abortion ban – including as President."


From President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign:

Trump is Explaining and Losing on Abortion

Donald Trump is clear: he wants to rip away reproductive freedom

Donald Trump ran for President promising to punish women.

As President he succeeded, bragging that he was able to “kill Roe” and that “without” him there would be no extreme abortion bans harming women and health care providers across the country.

Just last night in an interview with racist conspiracy theorist and birther Wayne Allyn Root, Trump praised abortion bans with no exceptions for rape, incest, or life the of the mother, saying “many states have solved the problem.”

Now as he runs again, what he and his allies are planning is even more dangerous.

Trump is not muddying the waters on abortion, he’s scrambling, ducking, and trying to hide his true position – that he and his Project 2025 allies would ban abortion nationwide through federal legislation or without Congress at all – all while endorsing the most extreme state abortion bans in the country.

It’s not working. You know how we know?

The abortion banners know Donald Trump will ban abortion.

Let’s be clear:

  • At no point in his statement yesterday did Donald Trump rule out signing a national abortion ban if it hit his desk.
  • Donald Trump has already come out and supported a national abortion ban – including as President.
  • Donald Trump did endorse every extreme ban with no exceptions that threatens women’s lives and criminalizes physicians and nurses across the country.
  • Donald Trump will allow his Project 2025 allies to criminalize and rip away access to abortion medication as officials in his future Administration – and they’re ready.

Back to last night, the question becomes which states have “solved the problem” Donald? He can vote on a near-total ban in Florida this November. Will he vote to “solve that problem” too?

Trump should pick a state where they have “solved” the problem:

The following is a statement from Biden-Harris 2024 Spokesperson Sarafina Chitika:

“Ripping away fundamental freedoms is a loser at the ballot box, and Donald Trump is twisting himself in knots trying to justify his extreme and dangerous record on abortion. No one is buying it. After bragging repeatedly about overturning Roe, Trump just last night fully endorsed the most extreme state bans across the country – bans that are costing women their freedom, their health, and their futures. We agree: each and every one of those cruel bans couldn’t have happened without him – and the American people will vote accordingly this November.”


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