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Video: UVA Center for Politics Director Larry Sabato Says After Florida 6-Week Abortion Ban Ruling, This Issue Is Trump’s and GOP’s “Achille’s Heel”; Could Make Florida Winnable for Dems (Who Should Talk About This for the Next 217 Days)


Good stuff from UVA Professor/Center for Politics Director Larry Sabato on Florida’s Supreme Court ruling “putting abortion at the forefront of 2024.”

First, is Florida winnable for Democrats?

“Well it’s April, sure I’ll go along with that, anything’s possible in Aprill; we’ll believe it when there’s cash on the barrelhead for a major TV program. But it at least opens the door to it…Because this really is a terrible development for Trump and the Republicans generally, not just in Florida but in all those other states you just mentioned, including maybe Arizona and Nevada, two other swing states. And beyond that, anything that happens in a mega state like Florida, any horror story that may be coming forth because of this six-week ban beginning in May, that’s going to be a national story so it’s going to affect voters everywhere.”


Is Joe Biden “going all out in telling this story?”

“Oh absolutely. And it has to be done day after day after day. I think you said there were 217 days left, so I’d suggest that it be done for 217 days. This is the Achille’s heel, not just for Trump but also for the Republican Party, and Trump knows he’s corrnered. He has known this all along; he’s worried about the abortion issue, because there is no way for him to evade responsibility for what has happened. He’s the one who put those three critical Supreme Court Justices on the Supreme Court; they’re the ones who have made the difference, they’re the ones who have caused all of this pain and angst throughout the country, and there’s going to be a lot more of it because of this 6-week abortion ban in Florida. Even many people in the anti-abortion movement say 6 weeks is ridiculous. So congratulations, be careful what you wish for, you got it, you’re gonna have to live with it, and if Democrats are smart – and on this issue they are – they’re going to make sure that Trump owns it morning noon and night, and maybe in the middle of the night when he’s on Truth Social.”


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