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Trump’s Shameful Antisemitism Shtick is Back

"Like Sleepy Don himself, Trump’s monthly attack on Jewish voters is getting tired"


From President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign:

Trump’s Shameful Antisemitism Shtick is Back

Like Sleepy Don himself, Trump’s monthly attack on Jewish voters is getting tired

Two days after President Joe Biden honored Holocaust Remembrance Day with a powerful condemnation of antisemitism and a call it “must stop,” Donald Trump reminded Americans that he simply disagrees.

Entering court today after choosing to hawk NFTs instead of speaking to voters yesterday, Trump had this message for Jewish Americans:

“If any Jewish person voted for Joe Biden, they should be ashamed of themselves.”

Then Trump doubled down in an interview out this morning:

“If you’re Jewish and you vote for him, I say shame on you.”

It’s nothing new from Trump. In fact, he’s been reminding Jewish Americans on a monthly basis that they should be “spoken to” (April) or “hate their religion” and should be “ashamed of themselves” (March) if they vote for Joe Biden and Democrats — which the vast majority of Jewish voters do. Even lawmakers from Trump’s own party find these comments “awful.”

That’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Donald Trump has a long history of antisemitic behavior, hanging out with antisemites, and attacking Jewish Americans:

Biden-Harris 2024 spokesperson Charles Lutvak released the following statement:

“As president, Donald Trump said Neo-Nazi marchers were ‘very fine people.’ Now, like a cuckoo clock of hate, he is popping up every month with the same patronizing antisemitic shtick and reminding Jewish voters that he has no respect for us.

“Like Trump himself lately, his monthly attack on American Jews is getting tired. Voters are ready to put it to bed and they will — by reelecting a president in Joe Biden who cares about people and fights for them instead of one who denigrates them and only cares about himself.

“In words and actions, Joe Biden has been clear that he stands with and will protect the Jewish community against the hatred Trump has encouraged. Anyone who disagrees should be spoken to.”


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