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“Highlights” – OK, Yeah, They’re All LOWlights – From Yesterday’s Trump Rally in Chesapeake With MAGA Glenn Youngkin, Right-Wingnut Rep. Jen Kiggans (R-VA02), Extremist Hung Cao, etc.

A torrent of lies, plus the usual bigotry and nastiness of all types...yep, that's a Trump rally for ya.


Yesterday, convicted felon, insurrectionist, traitor, corrupt scumbag, rapist, etc. Donald Trump came to Chesapeake, Virginia and held a post-debate rally, attended by none other than our supposedly “moderate”/”normie Republican” Gov. Glenn Youngkin – now gone full MAGA; as well as supposedly “moderate” Rep. Jen Kiggans (R-VA02), who’s not in any way/shape/form a “moderate,” obviously; far-right-extremist Hung Cao; etc. See below for a few “highlights” – ok, yeah, they were ALL lowlights – from the fascist…er, Trump rally. And make sure you do everything you can to ensure that Virginia goes strongly for the Democratic ticket this November, and that it NEVER AGAIN elects anyone like Glenn Youngkin or Jen Kiggans.

Disgusting as always by Hung Cao

Literally the LAST thing America needs is being “save[d]” by authoritarian, anti-democracy extremists like Donald Trump and Hung Cao

It seems impossible that a human being can be this ignorant and stupid, but Trump manages to do so. Trump doesn’t understand that there are things called “batteries?” My god…

WTF is this crap? Apparently, Youngkin/Kiggans/Cao/etc. are totally cool with it, though.

State Senator Mamie Locke nails it:

Rep. Jen Kiggans (R-VA02) rallies with the felon, insurrectionist, traitor etc Also, reminder that there actually are “journalists” who falsely claimed that Jen Kiggans and Glenn Youngkin were “moderates”

Some of the worst people in Virginia right here – racist George Allen, corrupt “Taliban Bob” McDonnell, extremist Hung Cao, MAGA Glenn Youngkin, slimy Jen Kiggans…

Translation: Youngkin wants to replace American democracy with a dictatorship, implement the insane Project 2025, etc. But wait, you say, WaPo “journalists” told us he was a moderate!!!


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