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Video: On MSNBC, Rep. Jennifer McClellan (D-VA04) Says That Trump’s “demeaning the Black community by saying that only certain jobs are available to them”

Rep. McClellan: "the only path forward is to continue with President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris...and send Donald Trump into retirement for good"


Rep. Jennifer McClellan (D-VA04) was on MSNBC’s “This Weekend” a bit earlier today. See below for video and highlights of what she had to say.

  • Thank you, I’m excited my ‘Black job’ brought me here.” (a sarcastic reference to Trump saying, “They’re taking Black jobs and they’re taking Hispanic jobs”)
  • “Well, first of all that [referring to “Black jobs,” etc.] is not the way to win votes from the Black community in Virginia. I think everybody is focused on his demeaning the Black community by saying that only certain jobs are available to them. But more importantly, his record as president was detrimental to the Black community, and Joe Biden has been working to improve the mess that [Trump] left in office. And I think a majority of Black and Latino voters are going to come out, particularly in Virginia, but all across the country, and vote for Joe Biden.”
  • “Well it’s clear that Glenn Youngkin is not a very good Governor. He’s spent his entire administration so far trying to run for president first. Now that he has nothing – no accomplishments to show for his time in office – he’s looking for the next job, I guess as vice president, but I think that that’s not going to happen.”
  • “Look, the only path forward is to continue with President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, not only on the ballot but in the White House. And I think one debate performance does not negate three years of the most consequential presidency in my memory, that brought us out of the ditch that Donald Trump’s administration put us in, that has made record investments in climate change, that is focused on the middle class. Look, all of this chatter is distracting from the fact that Donald Trump has no plan for the middle class, that he brags about the fact that he’s the architect of the fall of Roe – it’s had devastating consequences for women across this country – that he is going to be a dictator who goes after his political enemies for retribution from day one, and is distracting from the fact that Trump-appointed lawyers now for the third time in less than two years have set aside decades-old precedent to remake this country in a MAGA image. To me, that is what Democrats and Independents and moderate Republicans should be talking about and should be focused on – making sure we do everything within our power to reelect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and send Donald Trump into retirement for good.”
  • “I would say the Republicans have been paying lip service to honoring our veterans, but when you look at their voting record in the House at least, they’ve voted to cut veteran services. And even for our active-duty military personnel, they’re not focusing on meeting their quality-of-life issues…You know, Donald Trump ridiculed the president for focusing on climate change, and yet he was not very far from the one place where we have the largest naval base in in the world that is facing sea-level rise at the fastest rate on the east coast. And so I think it’s just ridiculous that Trump would try to reach out to veterans and pay lip service, when his actions and his own rhetoric show that he doesn’t care about veterans.”


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