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Video: President Biden Delivers Remarks on Democracy at Pointe du Hoc in France

"The [fallen Rangers are] asking us what will we do. They’re not asking us to scale these cliffs. They’re asking us to stay true to what America stands for."


See below for video and excerpts, courtesy of the White House, of President Joe Biden’s remarks on democracy, delivered a few minutes ago at Pointe du Hoc in France. As President Biden said:

“[The Rangers in June 1944] stood against Hitler’s aggression. Does anyone doubt that they would want America to stand up against Putin’s aggression here in Europe today?…Does anyone believe these Rangers would want America to go it alone today?…Does anyone doubt they wouldn’t move heaven and earth to vanquish hateful ideologies of today?…They believed America was a beacon to the world; I’m certain they believed that it would be that way forever…They’re not asking us to scale these cliffs, but they’re asking us to stay true to what America stands for…They’re asking us to care for others in our country more than ourselves…They’re not asking us to do their job, they’re asking us to do our job – to protect in our time, to defend democracy, to stand up to aggression abroad and at home, to be part of something bigger than ourselves. My fellow Americans, I refuse to believe, I simply refuse to believe that America’s greatness is a thing of the past. I still believe there’s nothing beyond the capacity of America when we act together…Our actions every day ensure that our democracy endures and the soul of our nation endures. To come here simply to remember the ghosts of Pointe du Hoc isn’t enough. We need to hear them. We have to listen to them…We need to make the solemn vow to never let them down…God bless America.

Well said.

Excerpts from President Joe Biden Speech on 80thAnniversary of D-Day at Pointe du Hoc

“When we talk about democracy  – American democracy – we often talk big ideas like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. What we don’t talk about enough is how hard it is.”

“American democracy asks the hardest of things: to believe that we’re a part of something bigger than ourselves. So democracy begins with each of us.”

“I’ve long said that history has shown that ordinary Americans can do the most extraordinary things. And there’s no better example of that in the entire world than right here at Pointe du Hoc. Rangers from farms, from cities, from every part of America.”

As we gather here today, it’s not just to honor those who showed such remarkable bravery that day June 6, 1944. It’s to listen to the echo of their voices. To hear them. Because they are summoning us. They’re asking us what will we do. They’re not asking us to scale these cliffs. They’re asking us to stay true to what America stands for.


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