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FACT CHECK: In CNN Appearance, Gov. Youngkin Spews Contraception Doublespeak

Youngkin also lies about electric vehicles, Biden's record, Trump's felony convictions, and pretty much every word that comes out of his mouth - and pathetic Jake Tapper lets him do it.


See below for a press release by Katie Baker, who among other things works for Protect Our Care Virginia. Also note that in this same interview on CNN, Youngkin lied about many other things as well, including President Joe Biden’s superb record (which Youngkin of course trashes, falsely), what Donald Trump would  supposedly bring to the White House (Youngkin of course doesn’t mention fascism, corruption, incompetence, etc.), Trump’s felony convictions supposedly being all “political” (quite the contrary; Trump was convicted for committing crimes, by a jury of his peers, fair and square), more “oily clean car b.s.”  about electric vehicles and California’s emissions standards, etc. Jake Tapper, of course, just let Youngkin lie and lie and lie some more – with basically zero pushback, because that’s how Tapper and his pathetic fellow “access journalists” roll. Disgusting on every level.

FACT CHECK: In CNN Appearance, Gov. Youngkin Spews Contraception Doublespeak

Gov. Glenn Youngkin appeared on CNN yesterday in the wake of the U.S. Senate’s vote on June 5 to block the federal Right to Contraception Act. In an interview with Jake Tapper, Youngkin falsely claimed that the proposal he sent to the General Assembly “would have protected access to contraception”.

In fact, Youngkin’s substitute gutted Virginia’s Right to Contraception Act, introduced by Sen. Ghazala Hashmi (D-Chesterfield) and Delegate Marcia “Cia” Price (D-Newport News). His toothless proposal:

  • Deleted the bill’s enforcement mechanism.
  • Converted the legislation into a Section 1 bill. These bills are not included in the state code because they are typically of limited and temporary application (e.g. bills directing studies).

The General Assembly refused to entertain Youngkin’s effort to gut the bill and sent the Right to Contraception Act back to his desk. Gov. Youngkin then vetoed the bill.


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