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Video: Team Biden-Harris Takes Aim at Convicted Felon Donald Trump as Part of $50M June Ad Campaign


Great stuff from the Biden-Harris reelection campaign:

Team Biden-Harris Takes Aim at Convicted Felon Donald Trump as Part of $50M June Ad Campaign

Ahead of June Debate, “Character Matters” Highlights Central Dynamic of the Race: Joe Biden Fighting for the American People, While Trump Only Cares About Himself

Broader $50 Million Campaign for the Month of June Includes Historic Investments into African American, Hispanic, and AAPI Media

Today, Team Biden-Harris is announcing a historic $50 million paid media campaign targeting voters in battleground states for the month of June alone, as part of its aggressive and comprehensive efforts to engage and activate the voters who will decide this election. The campaign includes historic, seven-figure investments into reaching Black, Latino, and AANHPI voters – the largest investments to date.

Just over a week before the first presidential debate, the campaign is releasing a new ad that lays out the choice Americans will see on the debate stage on June 27 between President Biden, who is fighting for the American people every day, and convicted felon Donald Trump who is fighting for himself.

Character Matters,” reminds voters who Donald Trump is: a criminal convicted on 34 felony counts and found liable for sexual assault and financial fraud. The ad makes clear that Trump’s status as a convicted felon isn’t just a label – it’s a reflection of a spiraling and unhinged man who will do anything for power, revenge, and retribution. “Character Matters” draws a sharp and startling contrast to President Biden who is focused on improving the lives of hardworking Americans, lowering costs, and taking on corporate greed, forcing big corporations to pay their fair share.

As a part of the June $50 million paid media campaign, “Character Matters” will run on general market television and Connected TV in all battleground states and on national cable.

“Trump approaches the first debate as a convicted felon who continues to prove that he will do anything and harm anyone if it means more power and vengeance for Donald Trump,” said Biden-Harris 2024 Communications Director Michael Tyler. “That’s why he was convicted, that’s why he encouraged a violent mob to storm the Capitol on January 6, and it’s why his entire campaign is an exercise in revenge and retribution; because that man is blind to the people a president should be serving and will do absolutely anything for his own personal gain and for his own power.

“Character matters, and the President of the United States should be someone who understands that the highest office in the land is about you and your family – not a vehicle to enrich yourself. That is the ethos Joe Biden puts into the job every day: to fight for safer communities, for the middle class, and to ensure that corporations are paying their fair share. It’s a stark contrast, and it’s one that matters deeply to the American people. And it’s why we will make sure that every single day we are reminding voters about how Joe Biden is fighting for them, while Donald Trump runs a campaign focused on one man and one man only: himself.”

The Road to Atlanta

The launch of this ad campaign comes alongside Team Biden-Harris’ aggressive efforts to lay out the stakes to voters ahead of the Atlanta debate. Throughout June, the campaign has focused its efforts on the issues that Donald Trump has to answer for: his extreme agenda of ripping away Americans’ freedoms, undermining American democracy, and selling out the middle class. Throughout this month, we’ve taken that message to the voters that will decide this election:

  • Biden-Harris 2024 launched an organizing push around the two-year Dobbs decision anniversary to mobilize volunteers and to communicate to battleground voters about all that’s at stake in this election for reproductive freedom. Through battleground events, mobilizing storytellers that have been impacted by Trump’s cruel abortion bans, and an aggressive paid media campaign, the Biden-Harris campaign is reminding voters that Trump is the architect of the decision that overturned Roe v. Wade.
  • Led by Dr. Jill Biden, Team Biden-Harris has mobilized and energized seniors across the country in the fight for lower health care costs, lower drug costs, and highlighting Trump’s plans to cut Social Security and Medicare. Doug Emhoff has also traveled, and across every battleground, events from bingo to pickleball have brought the stakes of this election to seniors.
  • The brave officers who defended the Capitol on January 6 and risked death – all because of a violent mob inspired by Donald Trump – have been traveling to battleground states this month with a simple message: our democracy cannot afford Donald Trump.

June’s historic paid media campaign also continues Team Biden-Harris’ aggressive efforts to reach voters of color – the backbone of the Biden-Harris coalition. The investments announced today into Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI), Latino, and African American media are the largest to date for the campaign. These ads will also be placed in critical channels across television, radio, print, and online and focus on the issues that matter most to these communities. For example:

  • Protect” and Thrive,” focus on the importance of the Affordable Care Act for AANHPI voters.
  • “No One,” featuring both English and Spanish, emphasizes President Biden’s relentless fight to lower costs and fight corporate greed – even when he’s going up against a billionaire like Donald Trump.
  • And on the heels of an eight-figure investment in outreach to Black voters with the launch of Black Voters for Biden-Harris, Team Biden-Harris also launched “Promises Kept,” a radio ad underscoring the promises made and kept by President Biden and Vice President Harris for Black communities.


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