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Republican-Friendly Politico Article Asks, “What Happened to Glenn Youngkin?” The Answer: Relentless Failure, No Significant Accomplishments, a Pathetic Attempt to Curry Favor with the MAGA/Trumpist Extreme-Right, etc.


What happened to Glenn Youngkin? That’s the question Politico asked Sunday morning, with the answers being overwhelmingly NOT flattering to Youngkin. Of course, if the news media had done its friggin’ job in 2021, instead of relentlessly pushing the false narrative that Youngkin was some sort of “mystery date” or “moderate” or whatever, Youngkin probably never would have been elected governor in the first place.  But the WaPo in particular, along with numerous other media outlets, clearly valued their precious “access” above their integrity as journalists. They also were – and remain – terrified of angering the right wing, or feeding into the false narrative that they’re some sort of “liberal media,” which is of course beyond laughable. Anyway, check out the article by Politico – which is normally VERY friendly to Republicans! – about Youngkin, including the following highlights.

  • “…while Youngkin has been insufficiently Trumpish to please the MAGA gatekeepers, he’s also failed to forge the relationships in Richmond crucial to building a record and eventual legacy, even if it would have chiefly been breaking ground on a $2 billion sports-and-concerts Taj Mahal on the Potomac.”
  • “Scott, the speaker, was even blunter about Youngkin’s failure to court State Senator L. Louise Lucas, the Democratic legislator who torpedoed the so-called Glenndome: ‘They thought she was invisible — I bet they see her ass now.'”
  •  “’He doesn’t know Virginia politics and the Virginia governorship,’ said [former Gov. Doug] Wilder.”
  • “When I asked what signature accomplishment Youngkin would be known for, Allen paused, acknowledged it was a good question…”
  • “Scott told me that when he attended the Kennedy Center Honors late last year with Warner, the two encountered David Rubenstein, the former Carlyle Group CEO who worked with Youngkin at the private equity firm. Rubenstein, Scott recalled, said Youngkin is focused on one objective: becoming president.”

“What happened to Glenn Youngkin? One word: Failure! 🤷‍♂️ From flopped legislative control to losing the FBI HQ to Maryland, Youngkin’s tenure is a series of epic fails. Networking issues, failed deals, and no signature accomplishments – promises made, promises broken, legacy: nada” – Marc Broklawski

In fact, by saying things like “President Trump represents so much of why I’m running,” campaigning for extremists like Kari Lake, endorsing Trump for president, etc., Youngkin VERY MUCH has made his choice – MAGA all the way, not “pragmatic” at all.

“The media loves pumping up people like Youngkin even though there was never any evidence his appeal extended nationally and then wonder why he never gained any traction …”

Youngkin‘s win required a perfect storm of Dem voters being disengaged (this was pre-Dobbs) and facing a weak opponent in Terry McAuliffe, who made serious errors. Democrats decided McAuliffe was a great candidate after he narrowly beat an immensely flawed Ken Cuccinelli in 2013.”


In other words, Youngkin has had no serious accomplishments…per former Gov. George Allen, a conservative Republican.


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