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Tim Kaine Endorses Quarles for Delegate!


Former Governor and U.S. Senator Tim Kaine has endorsed William Quarles for the Virginia House of Delegates!

"William Quarles is exactly the type of leader we need in Richmond," Sen. Kaine said. "His experience as a problem solver on the Goochland County Board of Supervisors has prepared him for the challenges we face in Richmond."

Sen. Kaine went on to emphasize his confidence in William's candidacy.

"I know William will fight to improve our schools, create jobs, and fix Richmond's ethic laws.  I hope you will support William in November."

William expressed gratitude at Sen. Kaine's endorsement.

"Having the support of Virginia's former governor and current U.S. Senator is an absolute honor," Quarles said. "I look forward to working with him to make this state and this district the kind of place we are all proud to call home."

Sen. Kaine is a tireless advocate for the citizens of the Commonwealth and we are excited to have the support of such a dedicated public servant going forward.


The 65th District includes all of Powhatan County and parts of Chesterfield, Goochland and Fluvanna Counties.

Lee Ware’s Communication Breakdown

Lee Ware sure has dropped the ball when it comes to communicating with his constituents.

And that's why today, William Quarles, Democratic candidate for the House of Delegates in the 65th district, called for his opponent to answer for it.

But answer for what, exactly?

Let's begin with his website: Ware's is woefully out-of-date; there are absolutely zero significant legislative updates to the News section during the entire four year period between October 2009 and May 2013. That means that four years' worth of votes, legislation, debate, and outreach didn't warrant so much as a cursory mention on his website.

Which is why it was so curious that just a few weeks ago, Ware released an extensive email detailing his his involvement in the 2013 legislative session, which he then posted to his website.

"I don't think it's a coincidence that after four years, updates began appearing on Mr. Ware's site once it was clear he was going to have an opponent in 2013," William Quarles said in a statement.

Civil Rights Legend Henry Marsh Endorses Us!


It's a great day when you have a legendary civil rights icon in your corner!

Yesterday, State Senator Henry Marsh enthusiastically announced that he was endorsing William Quarles and his campaign for the House of Delegates in the 65th District.

Sen. Marsh rarely makes political endorsements, so his show of support is an overwhelming vote of confidence in the issues William is discussing, the campaign we're running, and most importantly, the people of our district.

"I have gotten to know William quite well over the past few months, and I'm impressed with what I see," Marsh said. "He is a former county supervisor, a small business owner, a teacher, a community leader, and a public servant."

Sen. Marsh first met William during a Democrats Without Borders event earlier this year. He was impressed by William's dedication to his district and his genuine desire to serve his constituents, and decided to endorse him soon after.

The truth is," Marsh said, "the 65th District needs William in the House of Delegates, fighting to improve our educational system, fighting to strengthen our economy, fighting to secure equality, and fighting to expand civil rights across the Commonwealth. William is a good man and will make a great legislator."

William expressed gratitude at the endorsement.

"I am humbled to accept the endorsement of a living legend like Senator Marsh," He said. "His lifelong dedication to civil rights not only empowered multiple generations of Virginians, but it's why I'm able to stand here today as a candidate for public office. His work as a mayor, attorney, legislator and advocate is unparalleled and I am honored to receive his support."

We could not agree more. Sen. Marsh's endorsement means a lot to us. We are dedicated to expanding equality in both our district and the wider commonwealth, and we have made it our goal to push for a common-sense agenda that we as Democrats can embrace. The kind of goals Sen. Marsh has spent his entire career fighting for.

Thank you for your courage, your tireless efforts and your unparalleled service, Senator!  

Texas-Style Extremism…in Virginia?

As Democrats, we are always appalled when a legislative body attempts to subvert the Constitutional rights of citizens by forcing through unnecessary and flagrantly-ideological legislation.

Unfortunately, we're rarely short of examples.

Last week for instance, the Texas State Senate nearly passed a Draconian anti-abortion bill that would have severely hurt the women of that state. And if not for the heroic, multi-hour filibuster by State Senator Wendy Davis, Texas would have adopted the kind of anti-woman, anti-choice, anti-common sense legislation that we in Virginia are all too familiar with.

You see, Virginia has its own class of fanatic anti-woman politicians, and just like the Senators from Texas, they're bound and determined to render the women of the Commonwealth second-class citizens.

Men like Ken Cuccinelli, E.W. Jackson, Mark Obenshain and Delegate Lee Ware have made it their goal to impose an extremist social agenda on us. And what's more, Virginia's Republican establishment has actually chosen to embrace these men, along with their toxic rhetoric.

These individuals have made it crystal clear that they don't believe that Virginia's women are capable enough to make their own healthcare decisions. They refuse to support the kind of common-sense legislation that would keep such despicable bills off the floor and in the trashcan where they belong.

To hear them speak, you'd imagine that the women of our state are incapable of managing their healthcare and are unable to determine their own medical needs.

Sen. Creigh Deeds Endorses Quarles for Delegate!


We've had a great few weeks! We've been making phone calls, knocking on doors, and spreading the word about our campaign.

Now, following Wayne Powell's vigorous support, we're excited to announce our most recent endorsement!

Creigh Deeds, state-senator and former Democratic gubernatorial candidate, has announced his endorsement of House of Delegates candidate William Quarles.

"I enthusiastically endorse William Quarles because he has what it takes to represent the people of the 65th District," Deeds said. "William is a principled Democrat who isn't afraid to work with Republicans in order to do the people's work, and I'm confident that he'll bring both common sense and compromise to the House of Delegates."

Deeds has been a member of the State Senate since 2001. Prior to that, he served in the House of Delegates for a decade. He sought and won the Democratic nomination for governor in 2009.

Quarles was excited about Deeds' support.

"Each time his district and his state called, Sen. Deeds has answered," Quarles said. "His more than twenty-year career as a dedicated elected official can attest to that. I am grateful for his kind words and his wholehearted endorsement."


For additional information contact:
Eric Steigleder, Director of Communications
Cell: 804-201-1973

Wayne Powell Endorses William Quarles!


We're excited to announce that former Democratic Congressional Nominee Wayne Powell has endorsed William's run for the Virginia House of Delegates!

"I am proud to endorse William Quarles." Powell said. "This district and this state need someone like him. There hasn't been a Democratic challenger in the 65th for ten years, and I'm glad William is that Democrat. From women's healthcare to education, he's on the right side of the issues."

He'll stand up for the citizens," Powell continued, "and stand against the radical social agenda that so many representatives have embraced. William has said that Richmond is broken, and I couldn't agree more. So now it's time to elect William Quarles and get it fixed."

I'm sure all of Blue Virginia's readers will remember Powell's spirited, nationally-recognized campaign against Rep. Eric Cantor in 2012. Powell not only drew Cantor into his first debate in years, but earned a higher percentage of votes than any other previous Democratic challenger.

"We're excited to have Mr. Powell's endorsement." William said. "His campaign last year should serve as an inspiration for any Democrat running in Virginia. We're honored to have his support."

For more information about William Quarles' campaign for the House of Delegates in Virginia's 65th District, You can visit our website, find us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.  

House of Delegates Candidate William Quarles Questions Opponent’s ’13 Legislative Accomplishments

The Virginia House of Delegates campaign of William Quarles, Jr. in the 65th district (Powhatan, Chesterfield, Goochland, Fluvanna) has responded to a mass email sent out earlier last week by his opponent. In a written overview of the 2013 House of Delegates session, Del. Lee Ware outlines a series of his own legislative accomplishments.

However, according to Quarles, a closer reading of the email makes it clear that his opponent isn't telling the whole story.

"This is another example of what I've been saying since I started running: Ware is not a bad guy. He's a good guy with bad ideas." Quarles said. "He never once mentions his abysmal record on women's healthcare, he ignores his constituents' call for a Sunday hunting bill, and he grossly misrepresents the Affordable Care Act. Constituents deserve better."

Indeed, Ware's voting history shows little that indicates he has made women's healthcare a priority. This past session, he made no public move to condemn the three extremist anti-contraception bills that were introduced by Del. Bob Marshall. And although these bills died in committee, Ware's history of voting for medically-unnecessary ultrasounds and personhood amendments in 2012 give us a clue as to how he would have voted in 2013.

Press Release – Former Goochland Supervisor Running for House of Delegates

Goochland, VA -- The former Chair of the Goochland Board of Supervisors, William E. Quarles, Jr., is running to be the next Delegate from the 65th District in the Virginia House of Delegates.

The seat, currently held by Lee Ware (R), has not seen a Democratic challenger in ten years. According to Quarles, this has resulted in Mr. Ware growing increasingly comfortable in his position, a sentiment he has heard from countless voters across the district.

"Mr. Ware may feel entitled to this seat. But as much as he would have us believe otherwise, this isn't his seat. It's the people's, and they deserve better," Quarles said at a recent campaign stop.

Quarles has also cited Ware's out of touch positions on women's rights, healthcare, the environment and education as reasons the district desperately needs new leadership in the House of Delegates.

Quarles, a lifelong resident of the area, grew up in Goochland and Louisa Counties. After he graduated from Virginia Union University, he began his career teaching science and math in Richmond and Louisa public schools. He has spent the last thirty years as a member of the chemistry and training management team at the North Anna Nuclear Power Station, recently retiring to pursue other avenues of public services.  

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