Thursday, August 6, 2020
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Ralph Northam for LT. Governor

I have lived all all my life in Virginia. I am orginally from the Tidewater area, have live in central and northern Virginia, and am now back in Tidewater.
All my college education was in Virginia-at some very nice schools (thanks former Gov. Baliles).
I have never missed an election (including primaries) but did not become more involved in supporting Democratic candidates until 1997.
Since then I have walked, phoned banked, donated some money and lots of time to many candidates-local to statewide to national.
Also I have attended many different events - Keep the Ban etc but had never seen Mr. Chopra until I attended the candidates forum in Virginia Beach last Thursday.
All four candidates did a good job that evening and it was great to see such a talented group.

However, I don't want a good person to win-I want the best person.

I think exerpience for the job does matter-it matters to me that both Northam and Herring have served in the General Assembly.

Here is the biggest reason I will vote for Northam:
Northam's fight against the requirement of trans-vaginal ultrasounds for women seeking an abortion;
I don't have to take Northam's word that he will fight for the women of Virginia-I know he already has.

Both the VEA and NARAL have endorsed Northam (as they did Herring).

So from the crazy area of SE Virginia-home to Pat Robertson,
one of the areas that Bob McDonnell is a "native" of,
here is a chance to turn an area of Virginia
more blue  (a bit purple) with the election of Dr. Ralph Northam for Lt. Governor!

All Virginia needs to turn blue, not just the northern part!

Traffic snarls for HOURS with tunnel/bridge closures

From Pilotonline:

Saturday was a traffic nightmare if you needed to get from the Peninsula to the Southside as the geniuses with VDOT decided to close both the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel AND the James River Bridge for the weekend. They eliminated 2 of the 3 crossings then had the gaul to compare it to the ususal backups seen in the busy summer driving season.

VDOT said the repair was scheduled after the tourist season but loacalities push hard to extend the season into the Fall. Virginia Beach hosted the Ocean Air show and had multpile festivals at the Oceanfront. Also, what a great time to travel to the Outer Banks!

The cherry on top was when on Saturday afternoon, the Monitor Merrimac Tunnel, the only available crossing, was closed because of a car fire in the tube. Really, who would think that afer hours of stop-an-go traffic, a older car might just break down or catch on fire?!!

Rep. Rigell puts on a show

Rep. Scott Rigell made a big show returning a portion of his congressional salary to "help pay down the National Debt".

His circus act consists of his returning 15% of his $174,000 salary, which consists of just over $26,000.  Now, if Rigell, in the top 50 of the richest members of Congress, REALLY wanted to do something about the debt, he would vote to repeal the "Bush Tax Cuts".

Based on his estimated worth of $10.69 Million (which could be as high as $44 Million), he could pay into the Treasury approximately $ 491,700-quite a bit more.

Why does James Dodson care about this election?

Just received a robo call from James Dodson telling me to be sure to listen to my minister this weekend and not forget to vote.

Also, he mentioned twice for me to go to the

to see how to vote.

Checking out this "guide" shows extremely low scores for all the Virginia Dems.

Guess Dodson and Focus on the Family can't stop trying to influence elections.

Virginia Offshore Wind Farm-Report shows no impact on Navy or NASA

A new report says a wind farm off the coast of Virginia Beach wouldn't affect Navy or NASA operations in the area.

As reported this morning by The Virginian-Pilot:

Full report of study:

Another good step moving Virginia away from oil/coal and towards cleaner energy.

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