Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Dad, husband, Christian, outdoorsman, perpetually undercaffeinated ER Nurse. Common sense populist/progressive; heroes are Smarsh, Wellstone, Perriello, and Howell. A progressive in VA is anyone who believes in life after birth! Keep the Big Boys Honest! People Before Party!

The Ones Who Make Everything We Do In the ER Worthwhile

by Kellen Squire One of the open secrets from working in nursing and emergency services is how little our profession resembles what popular culture shows...

“AOC and Trump are both ****ing nutjobs!” Finding the Mythical “Independent” Voter in Albemarle...

by Kellen Squire Ahhh, the first day of fall in Virginia. You would have been hard pressed to know that, according to the calendar, fall...

A Disease Claims Another Victim; I Lost My Dad to FOX “News”

by Kellen Squire My dad’s been my hero for a long time. I don't think that's out of the ordinary for someone that was fortunate enough to grow up with...

“A Democrat?! I’m Calling the Police!”

by Kellen Squire Last Thursday, I announced I was running for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. I'd worked until almost 4 am on announcement day in...

I’m Running for Lieutenant Governor- Now Donate to Another Candidate.

By Kellen Squire Two years ago, you let me stand with you during my run for the House of Delegates, and together, we built a grassroots...

A Charlottesville ER Nurse Speaks After Two Years of Decompression

by Kellen Squire Well. It's been two years since I wrote this article. It seems both like it was only yesterday, and 50 years ago...

Have Fun With the “Civil War.” I’m All In for Whoever Wins.

by Kellen Squire Listen- I know it's early. A little under six months until the Presidential primaries are underway; a full year until the Democratic...

My Failure as a Father.

by Kellen Squire I was born and raised a dumb 'ole Iowa farmboy. It seems like an era so long ago we need carbon dating to...

The Strong Women Who Built Me

by Kellen Squire Mother's Day is, perhaps, the most celebrated- but simultaneously most underappreciated- holiday in the world. Yes, brunch lines are out the door...

Democrats and the Party of “Well, ACTUALLY…”: Storytelling in the Age of Trump

by Kellen Squire A while back, I was acting as the triage nurse in the emergency department I work at. It was an incredibly busy...
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