Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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I-66 Multi-Use Trail Design “our only chance to do this right”;...

Back in August, I posted this letter from 19 members (Republicans and Democrats) of the Virginia General Assembly, calling on VDOT to "express our...

Despite Initiatives, NYC Pedestrian Deaths Increase in 2016

SPONSORED CONTENT By Elizabeth Crotty, a criminal defense attorney barred in New York. Last year resulted in some disturbing news, especially for New York City pedestrians....

We Need These in NOVA Now!

For anyone who's ever tried to walk around congested, car-friendly-but-pedestrian-unfriendly northern Virginia, you know that it can be a hair-raising, if not life-and-limb-threatening, experience. For instance, here in relatively progressive Arlington, walking to the Metro can be an adventure, given that Metro stops are often located in the middle of busy streets (e.g., Clarendon Metro is in between Wilson and Clarendon Boulevards) or across several busy streets (e.g., Courthouse Metro is across several lanes of traffic; a walk to Virginia Square often forces you to cross several major, east-west roads). Cross-walk signals, of course, are not particularly helpful. Press one, and you still have to wait a minute or however long for it to turn. What's the point of having a crosswalk button if, after you press it, nothing happens for a long time?  The incentive is to jaywalk, especially if you're in a rush to work or whatever, but that can be extremely dangerous, especially given all the lunatic drivers out there.

All of which is why this should be a no-brainer for Northern Virginia jurisdictions to install ASAP!