Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Jon Stewart on “Union Victory Appreciation Month”


Of course, as we know, the right wingnuts have no sense of humor, even attacking a young, African American woman for telling a supposedly "racist" (yeah, uh huh - she's "racist" against herself - lol!) Eric Massa joke. Anyway, even the humor-deprived right wingnuts might (big stretch here, I know) find this latest skit by Jon Stewart to be funny. With that, check out the video of Jon Stewart riffing on Bob McDonnell's Confederate History Month, on the new "pantsless griffin mascot" for William & Mary, and finally on "Union Victory Appreciation Month" ("it just seems to focus on the tremendous ass-kicking that the north handed down").



Followers of The Daily Show know that Jon Stewart has been going after (to put it kindly) the Wall Street geniuses leaders scum bags crooks who had a major hand in the recent financial crisis and then got a major hand out from us.   All because they were too big to fail or some such nonsense.   Or maybe it was because no one got the number of the bus that just hit us so we had to take their word for it.

Anyhow, Jon transforms himself into a corporation to describe how we, the people, have been screwed.  Technically this piece is called "In Dodd We Trust" as it begins with Senator Dodd's efforts to put some new financial regulations in place.  But stick around for the "Jonco" explanation of big business.  It's worth the wait.