Monday, May 10, 2021
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Friday Was Apparently Dominion $$$ Donation Day in Virginia

It wasn't an official or well-publicized holiday or anything, but yesterday apparently was Dominion $$$ Donation Day in Virginia. Check the following big donations...

Video: “Money in Politics in Virginia” Forum Highlights Need to End...

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What Are We to Think of Governor Northam?

I’m really asking. My own sense of him had been, until recently, that he was a man who genuinely wants to do good. But then lately,...

Todd Gilbert’s Bad Faith on Guns

This column appeared as an op/ed in the Northern Virginia Daily. In February, the Northern Virginia Daily quoted Todd Gilbert -- who misrepresents my district in the House of...

The Biggest Bargain Around (on Money & Elections)

This piece will be running as an op/ed in newspapers in my conservative congressional District. Would it be possible for any American leader to persuade...

Step Right Up for Transportation Snake Oil


A recently formed coalition of major big box retailers is funding a push to get its hands on Virginia's spirits sales. The group includes Costco, Safeway, Wal-Mart, Kroger, and Food Lion and other members of the Virginia Retail Merchants Association. According to the Marin Institute, the same players were behind a push earlier this year to privatize liquor sales in the state of Washington.

If Washington is an example, look for the coalition to dump massive amounts of money into the effort to get privatization. The Marin Institute noted that Costco alone spent nearly $1.2 million and  used its employees as signature-gatherers in its stores to get a privatizing initiative on the November ballot there.

With Virginia's lax-to-none campaign contribution "laws," does anyone want to guess how much money will flow into various PACs and campaign coffers before the special General Assembly session is called by McDonnell to push this idea down our throats?

As the Marin Institute points out, "If privatization passes in these two states, the only chain these retailers will create will be the one around the kids and communities of Virginia and Washington, locking them more tightly in the grip of Big Alcohol's sales, advertising, and marketing machine."

Even some Republicans are having a hard time swallowing this 100 proof snake oil being pushed by McDonnell, among them Tom Gear, Emmett Hanger, and Bob Marshall.