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Friday Was Apparently Dominion $$$ Donation Day in Virginia


It wasn’t an official or well-publicized holiday or anything, but yesterday apparently was Dominion $$$ Donation Day in Virginia. Check the following big donations from our pals at Dominion Energy – and also “Virginia’s Shadow Government,” McGuireWoods – yesterday. Listen to that shweeeet “ka-ching, ka-ching” as the ostensibly state-regulated monopoly utility buys up our government. Also note that all this “fungible” money sloshing around – to both Ds and Rs – makes somewhat of a mockery the pledges individual members have made not to take Dirty Dominion Dollars. Because, if they take money from their caucuses or anyone else who has received shit-tons of money from Dominion, they themselves are also taking money from Dirty Dominion. Nice loophole there, eh? Yep, the “Viriginia Way” is ever malleable, ever adaptable, ever insidious and ever corrupting,

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