Sunday, March 7, 2021
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This piece is appearing in newspapers in my very red congressional district (VA-06). ************************** How do we know that it was of major importance to Jesus...

Good news for the Taliban


It seems that the manufactured controversy over the Islamic Center in Lower Manhattan is doing wonders for at least one interested party -- the Taliban! This according to a no less knowledgeable source than...the Taliban itself.

Newsweek quotes "Taliban operative Zabihullah" as saying:

By preventing this mosque from being built, America is doing us a big favor...It's providing us with more recruits, donations and popular support.

A true propaganda bonanza that "now heads the list of talking points in Taliban meetings with fighters, villagers, and potential recruits." Says Zabihullah: "The more mosques you stop the more jihadis we will get."  

Well, let me be the first to congratulate the Taliban on their fruitful new partnership with Newt Gingrich and company. But let them be forewarned -- marriages with Newt don't always turn out so well...