Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Improving I-81, And Doing It Fairly — April Moore Throws Down...

This piece will be appearing in the two main newspapers of SD-26, the district in which I am challenging Mark Obenshain for the seat...

The Canvassing Caravan Follows I-81 to Blacksburg and Salem

I bet in the good ol' days of pioneer caravans traveling across the country to settle in the Old West, they didn't get stuck...

Rock Solid, Unwavering Principles, Usually


Along I-81 about a month ago, a number of these trailers was standing at the ready near Harrisonburg. Most contained the "populist" slogan without the "ALL" crossed with the word "Most" in red. None of them sport any claim of sponsorship by whomever is the "proud" patron. This trailer is in Goodlatte country in a field along I-64. Look for the unedited versions soon in a Democratically represented district near you.