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Through the Prism of World War II

This piece will run in newspapers in my very red congressional district (VA-06). ******************** I wasn’t born until the year after the end of the Second...

Ashamed, As an American, and a Human (My latest op/ed in...

I am feeling ashamed, and I do not like the feeling. All my life, I’ve been into the heroic. I’ve taken pleasure in movies that...

The Pain and the Value of Our Rude Awakening in These...

It may be my very favorite book, and I'm reading it once again. It is titled The World of Yesterday, and it was written soon...

The Kavanaugh/Garland Contrast Reveals the Democrats’ Profound “Awakening” — PART II

The Trump Factor How did this transformation -- from weak to strong, from reticent to bold, from pushover to able warrior -- come about? The answer...

My Guilty Pleasures: NFL Football and World War II

This piece differs from my usual op/ed offerings that appear in the newspapers in my conservative congressional district (VA-06). Usually, my columns are designed...

Brexit: A Setback in One of Humankind’s Most Important Projects

Some commentators have reminded us lately of what originally inspired the nations of Western Europe to move toward unification. The impetus came after two...

I Remember Pearl Harbor

Republished here is a diary I wrote in 2006 for RaisingKaine: my personal recollections of that day

It was a typically chilly upstate New York December day, we had finished Sunday after-Church brunch and I, just a couple of weeks short of my eleventh birthday, was, as usual, doing two things at once: putting together a jigsaw puzzle and setting type to print my family newsletter on my little hand-powered rotary printing press, when the phone rang. Our English friends a few blocks away were phoning to say "Turn on the radio! The Japs have bombed Pearl Harbor."

It was true, but no surprise to my family,