Friday, December 4, 2020
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Yes, the NY Times has struck again, this time "omit mention of race from its history of the tea party."  In response, Jamil Smith...

Sunday News: “Talks flounder as shutdown enters third week”; Krugman Says...

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The Profound Hypocrisy of the Republicans Depicted by Paul Krugman in...

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Silver Lining of the Lauer Debacle?

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Krugman calls Romney “The Amnesia Candidate”

Just how stupid does Mitt Romney think we are? If you've been following his campaign from the beginning, that's a question you have probably asked many times.
That's how the Nobel Economic Laureate begins this column this morning, immediately reminding us that Romney appeared at a drywall factory (owned by a Republican, btw) which was closed during the Bush administration yet blaming Obama for the closure, attempting to make it a symbol.  As Krugman notes, "It was a symbol, all right - but not in the way he intended," especially as the press quickly picked up on when the factory closed.  And although the Romney campaign attempted to cover itself by saying the factory was still closed because Obama's policies had failed to get the economy going again, Krugman counters saying, "Actually, that factory would probably still be closed even if the economy had done better - drywall is mainly used in new houses, and while the economy may be coming back, the Bush-era housing bubble isn't."

There is more - deliciously so.

99.9 versus .1 – Krugman explains the top 1/1000th

His column is titled We are the 99.9% and it is very much worth your time.  As he writes, according to a CBO report which only examines data up to 2005 (and it has gotten worse)
between 1979 and 2005 the inflation-adjusted, after-tax income of Americans in the middle of the income distribution rose 21 percent. The equivalent number for the richest 0.1 percent rose 400 percent.

And if we look at Capital Gains taxes, currently at only 15%,

taxes on capital gains are much lower than they were in 1979 - and the richest one-thousandth of Americans account for half of all income from capital gains.

Given this history, Krugman asks a very basic question, why do Republicans advocate further tax cuts for the very rich even as they warn about deficits and demand drastic cuts in social insurance programs?

Please keep reading.

Krugman: Climate of Hate

When you heard the terrible news from Arizona, were you completely surprised? Or were you, at some level, expecting something like this atrocity to happen?

Put me in the latter category. I've had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach ever since the final stages of the 2008 campaign.

So begins Nobel Laureate Economist Paul Krugman in his op ed this morning, Climate of Hate

Why mention his award? Because as an economist he is used to examining the data and seeing the patterns. And on this the patterns are crystal clear.

Read his column.  It is as well written as usual, which makes it hard to excerpt.

I will explore aspects of it, and offer thoughts of my own.

Hostage taking and its effects

are the subject of Paul Krugman's New York Times column this morning, with the title Obama's Hostage Deal.  While he acknowledges that Obama obtained more in return for his concessions on the Bush tax cuts for the rich than he (krugman) expected, he remains concerned because
Mr. Obama has bought the release of some hostages only by providing the G.O.P. with new hostages.
  Krugman raises issues about the timing of the ending of some provisions, the political effects of the impact upon unemployment.  The column is definitely a must read, regardless of where you think you are on this deal as presented by the President.

Here's the thing.  I think we have forgotten our own recent history when it comes to hostage taking.   Might I remind people how we got into Iran-Contra?