Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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That is what Gabby wants.

I will explain my title only at the end.  Please bear with me.

I do not normally read Dana Milbank.  Shortly after his column today went up online, my wife read it, and told me I would want to read Arizona shooting inspires the best of politics.  She was right.  And I think you will want to read it as well.

It begins simply enough:  

On Saturday, one member of Congress took a bullet to the head - and 434 of her colleagues stared into the abyss.

On Wednesday, chastened lawmakers returned to the Capitol vowing to change their hostile ways.

Regardless of the causes of the shooting, there was recognition by the Members of the House of the same spirit addressed last night by the President, of a need to dial back some of the rhetoric.  Milbank touches on that.  He reminds us that yesterday was supposed to be dedicated to the Republican attack on healthcare, yet instead

Breaking only for a prayer service, the members spent eight hours exchanging vows to do better by each other.