Friday, October 30, 2020
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So, Bernie Sanders, You Say You Want a (Political) Revolution? Well,...

Yeah, we all want to change the world, as the Beatles sang. The questions are, what changes do we want to see and HOW...

“I don’t think the revolution’s going to come”

I'm not particularly thrilled about quoting Jim Webb, but sad to say, I think he was on to something during his one (and only)...

All About Egypt in 20 seconds

According to the sage pundits, the Revolution in Egypt is "complicated," and the American President must "walk a fine line" and be mindful of American national security.... so, maybe, therefore, democracy isn't such a good idea for Egypt right now. But they are wrong. Out of the mouths of bebes comes a simple, straightforward explanation of what's going on in ancient Egypt. Here is a video from today, 9 February. I am told the young toddler first explained it all to her mother in Japanese, and then to her father in English, which you see below. Puts the pundits to shame.

“We’ve Agreed Not to Vandalize”

The most honest and direct coverage of the continuing demonstrations in Egypt against the Mubarak regime continues to be that of Al-Jezeera in English. I find it striking that the protests have had such staying power, that the women are joining---- that means this is a serious revolution, when the mothers come out on the streets, as they did in Eastern Europe, creating the fall of Communism in the satellite states of the Soviet Union, and even in Russia itself, bringing about the final end of  Communist control. It is also remarkable that the military have not either struck a hard blow against the demonstrators---- nor have they joined them overtly.

In the video you will hear from some of the demonstrators. Revolutions go through stages; the opening scenarios almost always are not violent, and they are often crushed by The Establishment, which imagines that using overwhelming force will end the matter, and sometimes that seems to work, for a while.... but it is a postponement, not a victory for The Establishment. The demonstrators in Egypt now seem to have little organization, and are hoping that their very peacefulness and persistence will get rid of their hated overlord. They want the outside world to help them. Here is the video: