Sunday, March 7, 2021
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What if What You’ve Been Told About the Federal Shutdown is...


Repeatedly, we are told by both the TeaPublicans and the media that Democrats won't negotiate. But they do and have. Moreover, they have compromised far more than most people realize. When describing  the hostage-taking TeaPublicans' behavior, we justifiably used words like extortion and blackmail, to describe what they and Boehner are doing. Yes, we should call them out for their treasonous economic terrorism. But we inadvertently failed to fully inform voters about the actual budget. We don't use those numbers to show what has really happened. It would be nice if reporters actually did their job. But they won't, so we must. We'll do it with a little help from Taegan Goddard's blog and the chart above from Michale Linden and Harry Stein of the Center for American Progress I'll cut to the chase, as the authors say, the Continuing Resolution (CR) is already a compromise. The numbers come from OMB.

Harry Reid offered up nearly everything Paul Ryan wanted budget number-wise. It's austerity on steroids. And it still isn't enough for the TeaPublicans because they want to decimate the government and any of its non-military programs.

The figures on the chart pertain to "discretionary" spending, which is not to say the programs therein are all optional. Take a look at the numbers again:

As Cantor Moves to Kill Jobs, Is McDonnell Even Paying Attention?

Moody's says the Republican Continuing Resolution plan would cost the jobs of 700,000 Americans. Considering how many federal workers live in Virginia, such a move would be sure to hit Virginia families especially hard. That staggering figure would go on top of the already mind-blowing jobless numbers:

  • There are 7.7 million fewer payroll jobs now than before the recession started in December 2007.
  • Almost 14 million Americans are unemployed.
  • Of those unemployed, 6.2 million have been unemployed for six months or more.
  • Another 8.4 million are working part time for economic reasons,
  • About 4 million more have left the labor force since the start of the recession (we can see this in the dramatic drop in the labor force participation rate),
  • of those who have left the labor force, about 1 million are available for work, but are discouraged and have given up.
It's the second independent economic analysis in recent days showing the Republican budget stopgap would be an economic disaster. Meanwhile, from his lazily misinformed comments on the massive cut in Metro funding in the House Continuing Resolution, it's not clear Gov. Bob McDonnell is even fully engaged on the issue. Too busy trying to manage women's bodies to govern Virginia's economy?