Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Sharon Bulova Goes All Out for McCain-Palin Dude

If you ever gave money to Sharon Bulova, assuming she'd use that money either a) for her own reelection or b) to help elect actual Democrats to office, apparently you've been taken for a ride. If you note the bottom of this letter (click to "embiggen"), sent on behalf of McCain-Palin Republican Chris Wade (note: Wade now claims to be a "Democrat," but with absolutely no explanation whatsoever of why this lifelong Republican, and a right-wing one at that, has suddenly switched), at the bottom it says "Paid for and authorized by Sharon Bulova for Chairman."

If you ever gave money to Sharon Bulova, is helping elect a self-described STRONG McCain-Palin  supported to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors what you intended your money to be going towards? If not, you might want to contact Sharon Bulova and let her know how you feel about this situation. Even better, you could help out a real Democrat, either by donating money, volunteering your time, and/or by voting next Tuesday for Janet Oleszek for Braddock District Supervisor. Then, the next time Sharon Bulova comes asking you for money, you can remind her of what she did with it back in 2011, and politely but firmly hang up the phone.

Chris Wade — You are NO Teddy Goodson!

I wasn't there, but I've heard from multiple sources that, at the most recent Fairfax County Democratic Committee meeting, one of Chris "McCain-Palin Dude" Wade's supporters got up and actually compared him to our own Republican-turned-Democrat (and a progressive one at that) Teddy Goodson. When I heard this, I burst out in incredulous laughter at the utter absurdity of such a comparison. I'll explain why in a few seconds, but first, a quote from Teddy Goodson herself:
When I converted to being a Democrat back in 2004, it happened after several years of agonizing re-appraisal and a public statement that I was no longer a Republican. Then I went to work down in the trenches as a novice Democrat. In other words, I changed parties not because I wanted to run for office (starting at the top) but because of ideas
Other than the slam on Chris Wade, that says it all right there: Teddy Goodson switched parties, 7 years ago, after she thought it through carefully ("agonizing re-appraisal), then followed that up by public statements, working her butt off for Democrats, and I'd add, writing for a new progressive blog called "Raising Kaine," starting in 2005. On that blog, Teddy explained, multiple times, and in no uncertain language, EXACTLY why she had switched parties, and EXACTLY why she now considered the Republican Party to be off the far-right-wing deep end. To date, of course, we've gotten none of that from Chris "McCain-Palin Dude" Wade.

Again, there are numerous and profound differences between Teddy Goodson and Chris Wade, so many that it's hard to know where to start. Here are just a few:  

McCain-Palin Dude Ducks Democratic Debate

Remember Chris Wade, the self-described "strong McCain-Palin supporter"? Remember how Gerry Connolly complained that Wade had no serious civic or political credentials qualifying him to run for supervisor, and also publicly cited concerns over Wade's voting history, notably two recent cases where he voted in Republican primaries?

Well, that Chris Wade - we'll call him "McCain-Palin Dude" henceforth - is now running, believe it or not, as a "Democrat" for Braddock District Supervisor in Fairfax County. Yes, I know this is laughable, but apparently, it's not a joke. Running against McCain-Palin Dude is a real Democrat, Janet Oleszek, who served on the Fairfax County School Board and who was the Democratic nominee against Ken Kookinelli in 2007 (unfortunately, she lost by a narrow 101 votes).

Well, now Oleszek is running for Braddock District Supervisor, and has been attempting to debate McCain-Palin Dude. Unfortunately for Braddock District Democratic voters, McCain-Palin Dude is refusing to debate Oleszek, except under absurd, bizarro rules that nobody in their right mind would agree to (see Oleszek's email to the Braddock District Democratic Committee, on the "flip"). Not surprisingly, it appears that McCain-Palin Dude is afraid to be asked questions, publicly, at a Democratic debate, such as "how on earth could you have been a STRONG MCCAIN-PALIN supporter in 2008, and now claim to be a Democrat?!?" I mean, in fairness, I don't blame McCain-Palin Dude for being terrified of such a forum, as he clearly has no answer for why he morphed overnight from "strong McCain-Palin supporter" to "Democrat," with no explanation whatsoever. (note: I am NOT against Republicans switching parties -- recall that I drafted former Reagan Administration official Jim Webb -- but I'd like to hear a coherent explanation of WHY they did so, just as we got from Jim Webb in 2005/2006).  

Finally, you've gotta love McCain-Palin Dude's attempt to restrict questions at the debate to people who can prove they live in Braddock District. Again, it's clear McCain-Palin Dude is terrified of an open forum, with questions asked by reporters or anyone else who cares to do so. The question is, why would any Democrat vote for someone like this?!? (Hint: they shouldn't!)