Chris Wade — You are NO Teddy Goodson!


    I wasn’t there, but I’ve heard from multiple sources that, at the most recent Fairfax County Democratic Committee meeting, one of Chris “McCain-Palin Dude” Wade’s supporters got up and actually compared him to our own Republican-turned-Democrat (and a progressive one at that) Teddy Goodson. When I heard this, I burst out in incredulous laughter at the utter absurdity of such a comparison. I’ll explain why in a few seconds, but first, a quote from Teddy Goodson herself:

    When I converted to being a Democrat back in 2004, it happened after several years of agonizing re-appraisal and a public statement that I was no longer a Republican. Then I went to work down in the trenches as a novice Democrat. In other words, I changed parties not because I wanted to run for office (starting at the top) but because of ideas

    Other than the slam on Chris Wade, that says it all right there: Teddy Goodson switched parties, 7 years ago, after she thought it through carefully (“agonizing re-appraisal), then followed that up by public statements, working her butt off for Democrats, and I’d add, writing for a new progressive blog called “Raising Kaine,” starting in 2005. On that blog, Teddy explained, multiple times, and in no uncertain language, EXACTLY why she had switched parties, and EXACTLY why she now considered the Republican Party to be off the far-right-wing deep end. To date, of course, we’ve gotten none of that from Chris “McCain-Palin Dude” Wade.

    Again, there are numerous and profound differences between Teddy Goodson and Chris Wade, so many that it’s hard to know where to start. Here are just a few:  

    1) Teddy’s been a Democrat for nearly a decade now, while Wade was a “strong McCain-Palin supporter” as late as November 2008, and only “switched” a few months ago when he opportunistically decided to run for Braddock District Supervisor, and saw no path in doing so as a Republican challenging incumbent John Cook;

    2) Teddy has given tons of blood,sweat, and tears (and money) to Democrats for many years now, while Chris Wade…well, hasn’t done anything at all (other than continue to vote in Republican primaries and donate to Republican candidates)!;

    3) Teddy has repeatedly, passionately, and articulately explained WHY she switched to the Democratic Party (e.g., that Republicans had gone far off the right-wing deep end), while Chris Wade…well, hasn’t offered a word of explanation for his supposed switch (except something about his wife being a Democrat; uh dude, don’t hide behind your wife, we’re talking to YOU!);

    4) Teddy isn’t just a Democrat but a super-strong PROGRESSIVE, while Chris Wade AT ABSOLUTE BEST (being extremely generous) is a Chamber of Commerce conservadem, although FAR more likely he’s still a Republican, as he’s always been.

    Bottom line: comparing Teddy Goodson and Chris Wade is beyond absurd, bordering on seriously insulting. In stark contrast to McCain-Palin Dude, Teddy Goodson has proven, in spades, over many years now, that she’s not just a strong Democrat but a super-strong progressive. For his part, Chris Wade has proven absolutely nothing, except that he is a crass, shameless opportunist who thinks he can pull the wool over Democratic voters’ eyes in the August heat, while offering ZERO explanation of why he’s suddenly/supposedly a “Democrat,” after being a lifelong right-wing Republican. Not only should every Democrat strongly oppose Wade’s candidacy, but every Democrat should be insulted by Wade’s cynical attempt to sneak one by us.

    Fortunately, Democrats are FAR too smart to fall for Wade’s tricks, which is why on August 23, I’m looking forward to my Party nominating long-time REAL Democrat (including running against Ken Cuccinelli, and almost beating him, in 2007) Janet Oleszek. As for Chris Wade, IF some day he decides to truly reevaluate his political beliefs, and honestly switch to the Democratic Party, I’ll welcome him with open arms. However, today is most certainly NOT that day. Teddy Goodson, on the other hand, has proven her bona fides in spades, and for that, we thank her effusively!


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