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Scandal in CD 2 Demonstrates Need to Research Candidates

By Josh Stanfield of Activate Virginia Yesterday, I stumbled across a couple of articles breaking the shocking news of a federal indictment of Shaun Brown, 2016...

Jeff Clark Blasts Robert Hurt in TV Ad


Hopefully, 5th CD independent candidate Jeff Clark has enough money to get this ad out there. No question, Republican candidate Robert Hurt deserves it in spades.

UPDATE: Clark also blasts Hurt (see after the "fold") for, essentially, subverting the Constitution, particularly the 1st Amendment.  Clark adds that Hurt isn't a real conservative.

Where Is Robert Hurt?


Where is Robert Hurt? Hiding under a rock, apparently, terrified to come out and debate Tom Perriello. What a tough guy!  

Perriello to Hurt: “If you want to go to Congress, you...


Nicely done -- go Tom!

P.S. In other news, the League of Conservation Voters has named Tom Perriello one of its "Climate Champions."  

Tom Perriello Debates at 1:30 PM, Robert Hurt is AWOL

Check out Rep. Tom Perriello (D-5th) at 1:30 today in his debate against...well, one of his opponents, anyway. Where's Republican nominee Robert Hurt? Ducking, dodging, evading, obfuscating, taking a nap? Meanwhile, as Hurt cowers, Perriello fearlessly faces the voters' questions. What else is new?
The first debate of the 5th district race is getting underway in a few minutes.

Click here to see the debate streaming live on our website starting at 1:30 p.m.

Unbelievably, Senator Robert Hurt is refusing to show up to make his case to the voters. I'll be making the case that if he wants the job of representative, he needs to show up for the interview. I'm looking forward to debating the independent candidate, Jeff Clark. We may not agree on many things, but we at least agree that any man who wants to represent this district should have the courage to show up to debates.

Tune in starting at 1:30 pm on our website.



UPDATE 1:33 PM: Senior Statesmen of Virginia intro to the debate: "The Republican candidate chose not to accept." Ha. Also, according to Coy Barefoot, the moderator of the forum, Robert Hurt is the first candidate to decline an invitation from the Senior Statesmen since 1996. Wow, that's pitiful!

UPDATE 1:40 PM: Perriello says that, unlike Robert Hurt, at least Virgil Goode showed up and said where he stood. Also, Perriello says it's a "shame" that Hurt won't let Clark in the debates. Tom Perriello challenges Hurt to four televised debates, says "voters deserve that."  

Tom Perriello on the Campaign Trail


For more on Tom Perriello's day on the campaign trail, see NBC 29. Go Tom!

UPDATE: According to the Sunday Washington Post, "The crowds that have been showing up for Democratic Rep. Tom Perriello's town halls have been smaller and more polite than the angry throngs he saw during last August's raucous congressional recess."

5th CD Update: Hurt Ducks Debates, McKelvey Endorses Hurt

There were a couple of interesting developments today in Virginia's 5th Congressional district, where Republican Robert Hurt and Independent/Tea Party candidate Jeff Clark are challenging Rep. Tom Perriello (D).  To begin with, here's a statement from Perriello's campaign regarding the endorsement earlier today by former Republican candidate Jim McKelvey of Hurt. Back in June, McKelvey said of Hurt: "I refuse to support him, he's not gonna represent me." So much for that vow, apparently!
First, Senator Hurt pledged away his independence to Washington corporate interest groups in order to become the lobbyists' candidate. Now, Jim McKelvey reveals a dozen more secret promises that this career politician made in backrooms, including a promise to abolish the Department of Education and vote against bills that fund our military and veterans. Who knows what else he'll be pledging tonight in the secret Tea Party meeting? We won't know -- because instead of talking straight to voters in a televised debate, Robert Hurt favors back-room deals, as all career politicians do.
In other news, with 3 months to go until election day, Robert Hurt is busy trying to duck debates with Rep. Perriello, most likely for two main reasons: 1) Hurt's up big in the latest poll; 2) Hurt must realize that Perriello is a far, far superior debater who will clean his clock.  It's amusing, though, how Hurt's position has evolved over the past month or two.

Perriello Issues Progress Report on “Energy Independence” Blueprint

From the most excellent Congressman Tom Perriello (D-5th, VA). yet another example of why he should be (easily) reelected in November. Go Tom!
July 6, 2010-Ferrum, VA-Today at Ferrum College, Congressman Tom Perriello unveiled a progress report on the one-year anniversary of his "energy independence" blueprint, showing achievements in nearly every category. A year ago, also in Franklin County, he introduced a plan, "New Energy for the Fifth District: A Blueprint for Putting Southside and Central Virginia at the Forefront of the Clean Energy Economy," which laid out the reasons, and steps necessary, to make Southside and Central Virginia the leader of the new energy economy.

One year later, significant progress has been made on nearly every stated objective. Today, Perriello released the progress report, an accompanying online map, and a news round-up that reflects these accomplishments and actions that will help rebuild the economy of Southside and Central Virginia.

"We've taken huge steps towards establishing Central and Southern Virginia as a leader in the clean energy economy," said Perriello. "When we created this energy blueprint a year ago, I couldn't have imagined the strides we would make in just one year. The progress we've achieved signifies that the 5th district of Virginia is ready to lead in this economic sector and I look forward to continuing our work to create new jobs in this promising industry."

Click on the links below for resources:
· Progress Report on "New Energy" Blueprint
· Searchable online map with clean energy achievements throughout 5th district
· News round-up of stories showing the progress of the clean energy industry in the 5th district

Among the accomplishments listed in the report are:

Jeff Clark: Robert Hurt “proved to be just what I thought...


Tea Party candidate Jeff Clark rips into Robert Hurt for being a typical politician and for refusing to let Clark into the debates with Tom Perriello. According to Clark, Hurt is "just what I thought he was going to be." Another great quote by Clark:  "Robert Hurt is no Virgil Goode, and Robert Hurt is not going to be able to stay one-on-one with Tom Perriello." And, "The only thing [Hurt's] supporters have is fear...they have to instill fear into everyone in order to get them to overlook the sad record and the despicable conduct of Senator Hurt."  And finally: "If Senator Hurt doesn't want to participate in the debates, I'm sure I will fill in adequately for the conservative message...but I would welcome [him] to sit in the audience, he may learn a thing or two about conservatism." Hahahaha.

McKelvey on Hurt: “I refuse to support him, he’s not gonna...


Jim McKelvey finished second to Robert Hurt on Tuesday in the 5th CD Republican primary, winning 26% of the vote. Obviously, Hurt will need the (enthusiastic) support of McKelvey and his supporters come November if he hopes to defeat Rep. Tom Perriello. But, based on this video, that doesn't look likely. Such a shame.

UPDATE: McKelvey has now launched a PAC, but remains "mum" on whether or not he'll support Hurt.