Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Getting to the Essence of Governing in the Public Interest (or...


I have met and known many politicians. Nearly all had good intentions, were fairly well accomplished, and did  a number of good things in office. For many of them, I had considerable excitement at first. But often there is disappointment. I am not so naive I expect always to get my way. Rather disappointment, even disillusionment, is rooted in the electeds often forgetting why they ran to serve us in the first place: Making their locality, or district, or state a better place. Don Langrehr is different. He remembers he is a public servant, a steward of the town's resources, and a leader of its people. This diary is about something pretty extraordinary, especially in this economy. It is how Don helped transform our local government. Our town has been run so well in recent years, it has almost become ordinary, the expected, the taken-for-granted. I've already told you about CNN and Forbes naming Blacksburg  as one of the nation's best managed towns.I think the video above captures it. Watch the video segment to the end... and then join me after the fold.

Joseph Yost is Toast: So He Runs and Hides from Don...

Meet the only credible candidate for the 12th District House of Delegates seat, Don Langrehr (see the adjacent photograph). His opponent, Joseph Yost, is out of his league. In the race to replace Democrat Jim Shuler, Democratic Blacksburg Town Councilman, Langrehr, towers over neophyte Republican (puppet) Joseph Yost, in experience, accomplishment, knowledge of the issues, understanding how government works, and grasping what government can and cannot do. Yost apparently realizes he's in over his head, so last night he was a no-show at a candidate forum, AGAIN. At what point should he just acknowledge he cannot cut it and resign from the race? And why are Republicans endorsing and heavily funding a nobody so the nobody can learn politics in House of Delegates.  Please do not insult the voters!

Two-term Blacksburg Town Councilman, Don Langrehr, is a superb candidate, who is experienced, genuine, and eloquent. Jim Shuler has said Langrehr has a record of honesty, transparency and accountability. Langrehr has also been endorsed by Senator Jim Webb, Senator Mark Warner, and former Governor Tim Kaine. He's been endorsed by the Sierra Club and labor organizations (LiUNA and VEA) as well.  

A Radford University Professor, Blacksburg resident, and member of Town Council, Langrehr has worked with the progressive team on Council to bring good-paying middle class jobs to our town--hundreds of them and tens of millions in development dollars. What's most impressive is that Don and the progressive majority on council work to retain the character of the town and maintain and improve the environmental quality --all the while growing jobs via smart growth. Republicans would have you believe it cannot be done, that growth and caring about the community in which the jobs are cultivated are mutually exclusive. They have not watched what is happening in Blacksburg, which CNN and Forbes have said is one of the best small towns in the nation to start a business.